1st Flight Wine Bar- Mise En Place (TPA Main Terminal)

private-dining-bgAt First Flight everything is held to a high standard. As Tampa’s premier restaurant for Modern American cuisine, it is arguably one of the top restaurants in all of Tampa International Airport to dine and relish a glass of your favorite wine varietal. Their tagline is “for the adventurous in palate and spirit”; we couldn’t agree more.  Perfect for anyone seeking a lovely pre-flight experience complete with a nice glass of wine, delightful cuisine and excellent service, First flight has planned your itinerary by selecting a progressive list of wines from around the world to compliment the Chef’s creations and ensure an exquisite airport dining experience.  The restaurant’s website says it best, “Flights have been arranged to get the most out of your exploration so buy the ticket and take the ride. We have wine to go with your food and food to go with your wine, and both to go with your mood, your day and your appetite. Come explore the world of wine and food with us. We can’t wait to serve you.” If that isn’t a warm and welcome invitation amidst a stressful trip, we’ll finish your glass for you.

Located in the main terminal before passing through security, you might try to arrive early to relax with a glass before boarding.  Not ready to pick up the kids at the in-laws yet? No worries, they won’t tell anyone if you need a glass on arrival before returning back to reality.  As far as airport people watching goes, this is a cozy spot to transport you away from the hustle and bustle of the terminal but still allow you a great view.

Pro Tip: The Charcuterie Flight and a glass of Trig Point Cabernet is a superb combination of flavor.

Image credit: www.miseonline.com