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Coming Soon: New and Improved Dining at DTW

Coming Soon: New and Improved Dining at DTW


The biggest part of traveling is…. You guessed it eating! I mean who doesn’t get hungry after waiting in the long security line and then wrestling with your things to get them through the security scanner? Well at Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW), a new airport experience has yet to arrive. The Wayne County Airport Authority has approved the next phase of redeveloping DTW’s dining options.

There will be 25 new food and beverage options for travelers over the next year and a half. Get your taste buds ready because the new plan will include: P.F Chang’s, Chick-fil-A, Longhorn Steakhouse, Bruegger’s Bagels, Potbelly Sandwich Works, Pinkberry, along with local culinary favorites like Plum Market with Zingerman’s Deli, Crave Robata Grill & Bar, Grobell’s Gourmet Deli, Papa Joes Gourmet Market and Mezza Mediterranean Grille.

DTW’s new dining plan is also called to include the terminal’s first upscale Italian restaurant, Andiamo and “a gate hold-room dining experience themes on Detroit’s historic Eastern Market”. “We think our customers will really enjoy and appreciate the new unique dining experience these venues will create,” states CEO Airport Authority Tom Naughton by CBS Detroit.

New food and beverage services is not the only thing to be incorporated in Detroit Metro Airport, CBS Detroit reported that iPad and tablet self-ordering stations, mobile point of sale devices, social media and web-based platforms, virtual concierge will also be included in the plan. These innovative technologies will increase the speed of service and convenience that today’s travelers are looking for. So get ready travelers for an ultimately new DTW dining experience!

For more information on DTW’s new dining plans 

Long flight? Here are some tips to keep your blood flowing!

Long flight? Here are some tips to keep your blood flowing!

Occasionally, we will feature articles that provide specialized tips for our audience.  Enjoy these tips to keep yourself healthy on your next long flight.

Deep vein thrombosis: DVT, the formation of blood clots in deep veins, is a known risk of longer flights. According to the National Institutes of Health*, the risk of developing DVT on flights up to four hours is small, but increases as travel time increases. In order to avoid a possible medical emergency that can turn your vacation/ business into one you didn’t plan for, follow these simple tips on how to stay healthy while flying:

– Hydrate very well the night before the flight, preferably with electrolyte drinks.*

– Don’t drink alcohol the night before the flight.*

– Avoid diuretics such as coffee, soft drinks and even chocolate (all of which contain caffeine).*

– If you have no issue with ulcers, take a baby aspirin the night before and day of your flight.*

– Dress comfortably in loose-fitting clothes — no skinny jeans or anything that could impede blood flow*

or cause your ankles to swell.

– Get an aisle seat or exit row so you can get up and walk around whenever possible. The calf otherwise known as the ‘’muscle pump’’, will help keep blood flowing as you walk and stretch, thereby decreasing the amount of blood pooling in the legs/ankles*

– Most importantly: WEAR COMPRESSION SOCKS! 20-30 MMHG is what is recommended for flying. This sock will help keep blood from pooling in the lower extremities, reduce swelling and the chances of developing a DVT.*

Flying doesn’t have to mean swollen ankles, stubby toes, and painful shoes. Take the precautions you need in order to have a safe, healthy wonderful flight!


Juli Romero, RN, RM, CPC

NIH*- National Institute of Health

Passengers to FlyInStyle with their Favorite Brands and Shops!

FlyInStyle went live in the App Store in March 2014! You can now download it and give it a try on your next airport trip. . We will have the Android version following shortly. The FlyInStyle App helps travelers connect with their favorite brands and retailers for instant deals, product launches, happy hours & more. I am so happy to share this news; we hope it will be the first of many announcements to come on improving the passenger experience at the airport. Please enjoy an excerpt from a recent press release below:)

No more lame-over layovers! Make your wait-time fly by!

FlyInStyle opens a mobile communication platform for airport brands & retailers never before seen in the industry, allowing them to reach their consumer in innovative ways while increasing consumer understanding in the airport. It is the first airport app of its kind, specializing in improving the airport experience by showcasing offers & events in retail and restaurants. Eventually we will have a better understanding of how mobile can influence buying decisions. In the airport, as passenger traffic increases and people turn more and more to their mobile devices for entertainment, the opportunity to engage passengers will continue growing. FlyInStyle allows its beta merchant partners to publish content in any airport globally in minutes and determine the duration of each offer and event, so efforts can be highly targeted. The focus in the first half of 2014 is in the Americas as the company ramps up with exciting offers, deals and events while building its user base. They also have sights set on engaging high potential demographic targets like Brazilians and have accelerated expansion of multiple language support. The company is pushing merchants to publish global offers to give the passenger the best possible experience in the app for their entire trip. FlyInStyle is working alongside its brand and retail merchant partners on driving awareness, downloads, and usage during the trip through activities at the airport and online. FlyInStyle is in beta testing with select brand and retail partners but will gradually add more merchants throughout the beta period. Stay in touch at!!

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