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Stare Into the Sun: Picking Out the Perfect Pair of Shades

Stare Into the Sun: Picking Out the Perfect Pair of Shades

Your trip to Ibiza is booked! While packing for your beach getaway you realize you’ve lost your sunglasses. Instead of spending a few dollars on a cheap pair its time to upgrade your style for an amazing summer look!

There are three major components to finding the perfect pair of shades. First consider the occasion for the sunglasses. For a higher fashion feel consider a frame from Christian Dior, Tom Ford, or Persol. If you prefer an every-day style, Ray-Ban, Oakley, or Ralph Lauren may suit you better.

Next, finding the perfect fit is essential. While in the store, don’t be afraid to try on many different styles. Be cautious not to pick out a frame that is too big or narrow for your face. Ideally, the frame should provide ample coverage and feel comfortable on your face.

Finally, while picking out the perfect frame do not compromise on the lens. A pair of polarized glasses will effectively shield the glare from the sun but will come at a higher price point. A non-polarized lens will still block the UVA/UVB rays but it will not block the glare from the sun completely. Consider your budget but remember a polarized lens is a higher quality product.

You’ve got your sunglasses and you are about to board the plane. Be ready to FLYINSTYLE and soak up the sun!

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7 “Local” Dining Spots You Can’t Miss!

7 “Local” Dining Spots You Can’t Miss!

  1. Piquillo(JFK International: Terminal 5)– A modern looking wine cellar that makes a great hiding spot for waiting out a delayed flight. This restaurant has delicious Tapas and Spanish Sandwiches made by chef Alex Rajj. These dishes include creamy croquetas, a flight-friendly bocadillo of Serrano ham on a tomato rubbed baguette. and crispy fried calamari sandwich with spicy mayonnaise. Ole!
  2. Pappadeux Seafood Kitchen (George Bush International: Terminal E)- Are you a seafood lover? Well get an ocean of delights from this wonderful place. This chain has your seafood favorites from crispy fried alligator to Costa Rican tilapia. You’re sure to get the taste of sea at Pappadeaux.
  3. Custom Burgers by Pat LaFrieda (LaGuardia Airport: Terminal D)- Customize your burger to your own tasty imagination. Try the southern-style that comes with fried pickles (a tangy, juicy, crunchy combination that explodes your taste buds!) and barbeque sauce. Add a couple of crinkle-cut fries and a velvety chocolate shake to make your meal complete. We’re sure that you can’t go wrong with a tasty burger!
  4. Vino Volo (Washington Dulles International: Concourse B and C4)- Relax at this wine tasting bar while waiting for your next flight. Order a small plate of cheese, olives, cured meats, and chilled paella or duck-confit-and-lentil salad. If you don’t have time to sit and enjoy your food, don’t fret because Vino Volo offers to-go plates. And if you fall in love with your wine, ou can order a bottle and get it safely delivered to your home!
  5. Paschal’s Restaurant (Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International: Concourse A and Main Terminal)– Make sure you have an empty stomach for this place because you’ll certainly be eating some southern delicacies. They’ve got large portions of fried catfish, country fried steak (mmmm… my favorite southern dish of all times!), macaroni and cheese, and the traditional fried chicken. So loosen your belts for a yummy dining experience!
  6. La Carreta (Miami International: Terminal D)– A Cuban chain you won’t be able to pass up. The best part is that it’s open 24-hours so you can partake in this famous Miami classic any time, day or night! La Carreta’s serves a variety of Cuban foods but an all-time favorite is the Cubano. This delicious sandwich includes Swiss cheese, pickles and tender roasted pork. Get a taste of Little Havana at this wonderful locals’ spot.
  7. Corky’s BBQ (Memphis International: Terminal A and C)– Travelers can get their barbecue fix as soon as they step ff the plane. Any traveler can get Corky’s favorite meal, The Bar-B-Q Pork sandwich, that includes coleslaw right on this yummy sandwich! Not a sandwich lover? Don’t fret; Corky’s offers succulent ribs, chicken, and smoked sausage on their menu too. A little something for everyone in the family.

For more awesome dining choices, check out this article by Food and Wine Magazine.

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