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Travel Back In Time at LGA

Travel Back In Time at LGA

Photo Jun 24, 12 46 37 PM“This terminal is the absolute best,” “as good as it gets,” and is cool, “like Mad Men Cool,” rave just some of the latest Yelp reviewers of the Marine Air Terminal (MAT). But while majority of Yelpers give this terminal five stars for its short lines, nice workers, leather seats, and plethora of quality newspapers, we love it for something a little bit more different. Its art and history. There may be other places in the country worth noting, say Kitty Hawk, North Carolina or Columbus, Ohio, but only one place truly holds the essence of the golden age of travel. Terminal A at New York’s LaGuardia Airport.

Not surprisingly, in 1982 MAT’s grandeur earned it a place on the Historical Register of Historic Places. Although we recommend that you experience the MAT for yourself, here are 5 need-to-know-facts of the historic site:

  1. Terminal A, MAT, opened on March 31, 1940.
  2. It was designed by William Delano, a renowned architect commissioned by the Rockefeller family among others. Though it is small in comparison to today’s airport terminals, the MAT was intended to reflect the high level of class soon to be offered on transatlantic flights.
  3. On the same day, Pan America launched their FIRST luxury transatlantic flight to Lisbon, Portugal. The plane that flew that day was a double decker Boeing 314. This iconic airplane had a short time in history, but forever changed air travel as passengers could now reach the far ends of the earth in days while having access to a dining room and private compartments.
  4. In the main lobby, there once was a circular ticket counter that sat in the middle of the rotunda. That ticket counter is the only thing missing from the original state of the terminal. Today, a large bust of Fiorello La Guardia stands in its place.
  5. “Flight,” a 12 foot tall mural, by James Brooks circles the main lobby. The mural was completed in 1940 as part of the Work Projects Administration during the Great Depression. The mural pays homage to Da Vinci, the Wright Brothers, and Pan Am.

If you are flying on a shuttle service to another major city in the North East from LGA, chances are you’ll come here anyways, but if you’re at another terminal, don’t worry! Shuttles run every 10 minutes, so you can take one there and back well within one hour.

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Free Wi-Fi: Where, When, and Why!

how-to-get-free-wifi-in-airportsIf you know anything about the term #FOMO—the Fear Of Missing Out—you know how real it is when you DON’T have access to the Internet (Note: FOMO is not to be confused with travel separation anxiety). I, more specifically, experience MAJOR email #FOMO when traveling. What if while I’m sans connectivity my bank sends me a ‘fraudulent activity alert’ email? How will I ever know who wants to connect with me on LinkedIn?! Torture, truly. Thus, (free) Wi-Fi has become a staple, and fortunately, airports are picking up on this fact.

Mikey Tierney reports in an article that of the nation’s 30 busiest airports, 12 offer free Wi-Fi! And why the gradual switch to demonetizing internet access, you may wonder? “A pleasant experience for travelers, which can include Wi-Fi, could spawn fresh businesses,” Tierney writes, and “some lost revenue [on Wi-Fi] would be recouped through more spending at airport establishments.” So money saved on W-Fi is money spent on…shopping. Hey, we’re not complaining!

Free Wifi_350 does a great job of compiling a comprehensive list of U.S. and international airports that offer free Wi-Fi. Their list also includes airports that still charge for access and their prices. However, you should always double check the list’s accuracy—although it says Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport charges $4.95 per day for access, as of late, it’s actually free!

So since you’re getting deals on airport Wi-Fi, go ahead—download our free FlyInStyle App and find more exclusive deals on your favorite airport shopping!

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Traveling Without Kids

While you may be excited to attend the MLB All-Star game, go on a business trip, or take a much needed vacay, the thought of leaving your kids behind is causing you some very unwanted anxiety. If left unchecked, this anxiety can take over your entire trip—potentially even ruin it, yikes! However, although your separation anxiety might not vanish altogether, if the right precautionary steps are taken, it should exponentially decrease! Inspired by fellow blogger Cara Harrington, here are a few of the tips and tricks she recommends to make separation a little easier.

See-You-Later Hugs: Saying “goodbye” may feel like a more permanent farewell, so to ease that feeling try changing a few words around. It’s important for kids to actually hear YOU say that you’ll be seeing them soon, even if you think that’s a given.

Make a special calendar: To give your kids a sense of time and a count down until you’re home, create a calendar of activities you’re going to do on your trip and the kids get to do while you’re away. (Try to keep yours sounding boring so your kids don’t get jealous!) If your kids are old enough, they can even participate in the making of the calendar—a fun arts and crafts project!

FaceTime: Designate a time in the day where you and your child see and/or hear one another. Limit the calls to once a day—and preferably after they’ve had dinner/right before bed. One call a day simultaneously gives both you and your child a sense of security and time to solidify their independence.

Lastly, enjoy your travel and on the way back check out the FlyInStyle App for more helpful tips (like, what goodies to get your tots at the airport)!

Free Movies on Delta Flights?!


On certain aircrafts, that seems to be the case!

Delta Airlines is currently upgrading part of its fleet to have better in-flight entertainment systems. If you find yourself in an aircraft with the new touch screen in the back of the headrest you may be in for a treat. It seems that who ever installed the software missed the part where you have to pay for the premium items like movies on domestic flights! Chances are that this will be corrected as each aircraft is taken in for routine maintenance. So the next time you sit down in a newly renovated Delta plane take a moment and try and watch a movie or play a game. If it lets you, it’s free! (This has been observed on the Boeing 737 and 757 aircraft.)

Note: If you find yourself NOT on an aircraft that offers free movies, be sure to browse the FlyInStyle App. It’s always free and always fun.

Overcome Long-Line Stress in Brazil

When you finally arrive at your destination, you’re ready to relax, eat a meal, maybe stroll through Brazil’s busy streets, but alas you encounter yet another dreaded long line. Brazilian airports are notorious for having longer-than-usual wait time in international port of entry lines. While you may want to get worked up over this nuisance, doing so won’t make the line shrink or disappear. Instead, use these three tips to alleviate unwanted stress and help pass the time.

  1. Stay relaxed mentally: Calm your nerves by doing what you do best—breathing! Inhale for three seconds through your nose. Make sure your lungs are full with air. Then, slowly, exhale through your mouth. Repeat as many times as needed until your mind is relaxed.
  2.  Stay relaxed physically: On the plane it may be cool. In the airport it may be hot. Dress in layers so you can feel your best, on and off the plane.
  3. Play a game: Or two! The more I travel, the more Sudoku puzzle books I acquire. These puzzles are fun and definitely keep your mind preoccupied—not to mention sharp! You can entertain yourself in other ways, too; read that book (that you hopefully remembered to pack), listen to your relaxing playlist, or brush up on your Portugese!

Bonus Tip: If all else fails, just browse around the FlyInStyle App—we have tons of entertaining content that will surely keep you pleasantly occupied!



5 Tips for Traveling Abroad


Oh, hello there! If you’re reading this then you’re already ahead of the game (see Tip #1). I’m here to advise you, to guide you on your journey, to be your personal concierge (if you please). However, unlike a typical concierge, I’m not going to sugar coat the realities of traveling overseas. I’m more of an advise-you-via-caps-lock type of gal—imagine concierge meets drill sergeant. Now you might be thinking, what makes me so qualified as to yell at you through caps lock? As a child, I traveled a lot. Taxis, buses, ferries, double-decker planes, even bullet trains—I’ve been on them all, and, more importantly, I’ve been on them overseas. Traveling on the aforementioned transportations is pretty self-explanatory, you just do it. But to make the traveling experience as enjoyable as possible there are a few pre-boarding tips you can follow. So here are the five tips you sought after and that I promised to deliver:

  1. Research:  I’m glad you’ve started to research effective travel tips, but your sleuth skills shouldn’t stop there. You should definitely research the country to which you’re about to embark. To some this might be a no brainer, to others this is a foreign concept. Take five minutes out of your day and read your country’s Wikipedia page. I mean, no one’s asking you to write a dissertation on the current economic state of said country, but you should at least know its capital. And how to say “hi.” Knowing how to say “I’m sorry” is good too. If you don’t, tears (and headaches) are imminent.
  2. Bring a dictionary: Say you’re really opposed to researching your country beforehand. Fine. You’ve been warned. Of course this is not the end of the world. Luckily, pocket dictionaries exist. And so do translator apps. Equip your smartphone with one—the one I use is iTranslate (I haven’t whipped it out during casual conversations in a foreign country, but that’s because iPhones didn’t exist in Japan in 1998).
  3. Reevaluate your funds: The wise Susan Heller once said, “When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.” I feel like the logic of this tip is self-explanatory while the psychology is complicated. I don’t know what it is with being a tourist, but all of the sudden, everything that you can—and don’t—buy at home becomes the target of your desires. It’s shiny. It’s some-what practical. It’s from another country. Yes, after much thought, you simply cannot live without this Italian-themed pen. I’m not saying don’t buy it, but have the necessary funds to do so.
  4. Make yourself comfortable:  Pretty simple and can be summarized in two words. Neck pillow. YA, I said it, NECK PILLOW. You want to know why? Because when you’re comfortable, no one can faze you. Not even the toddler who is point-blank shooting cheerios at your butt. Spandex on deck, neck pillow on, er, neck.
  5. ARRIVE ON TIME: When I say on time, I mean two, three hours early. Chances are you are going to wander around the airport mall and want to smell every single perfume that you’ve already smelled at Macy’s—and that’s okay! Indulge your olfactory sensors! But do so in a timely manner. Arriving early/on time will also give you the opportunity to do tips 1-4 (inflating a neck pillow takes time, y’all!).

Lastly, remember, if you’re flight is delayed, please, pleeeaase, remain calm. (I know a girl that just COULD NOT remain calm, and got “escorted” off the plane, and that girl may or may not have been my sister…) Because eventually your flight will take off. And because once it took our ancestors, literally, months to cross the same waters that now take us merely hours. So, relax, adjust your neck pillow, and enjoy the flight—you’ll be there in no time.


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