ATL Food: Atlanta’s Favorite Bagels at Goldbergs Bagel Co and Deli

Just because you aren’t in New York doesn’t mean you have to settle for a less-than-the-best bagel to satisfy your craving here at Atlanta International Airport.  Have an authentic bagel for breakfast (or lunch!) at local Atlanta chain Goldbergs Bagel Co and Deli. While there are limited bagel options comared to other chains, there are many ways to top that bagel and make it a true sandwich. Plus, sometimes sticking to the classics is the best bet when you are looking for a hole-y treat.  You can go classic with lox, tuna, or lunch meats, or make it a meal with a Reuben or Pulled Pork sandwich.  These are an excellent choice to grab on the go as you head to your connection.  You can eat this sandwich on board without getting the stink eye from your seat mates, too.

Pro Tip: Goldbergs serves a gluten free bagel option! Who knew?!

Goldbergs Bagel Co and Deli is located in Concourse T.

Image credit: flickR; Carl Lender