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How You Can Make Your Flight to Europe Much More Affordable

7 Money-Saving Tips as You Plan Your European Trip

Europe is one of the top dream vacation spots. 10,504,779 U.S. citizens traveling to Europe. The culture, the history, and the landscape make it a hot travel spot. However, a trip to Europe might be on the pricy side due to expensive flights. These tips will take the weight off of your wallet.

#1 Leverage Frequent Flyer Miles

Get more out of your credit card spending by choosing a card that rewards you with frequent flyer miles …before you know it, you can earn a free ticket! Look for a credit card with a low or no annual fee and a big mileage bonus to optimize your benefit. Then you can put typical expenses that you are paying over a period of time on the card and watch the miles accumulate! Another clever trick is to make an agreement with family and friends that if they give you a check ahead of time they can put something on your credit card. That way you have even easier way to build up your credit.

#2 Important Last Minute Deals

Mark down United Airlines’ E-fares Tuesday on your calendar, they have great deals set up for the weekend and the following weekend. You could even find a ticket to Europe for a few 100! If you have a spur of the moment, a site that can become your travel buddy is www.lastminute.com.

#3 Be Flexible About Travel Times

If you leave early or late, it will pay off because you will save money on your flight. The week holds some potentially affordable travel days, so look for flights on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Saturdays which are usually the days that airlines offer the most discounted prices.

#4 A Savvy Shopper Can Easily Save Money

Expedia and Priceline are great sites to find the perfect deal. You should compare the airline prices with the prices on these sites. Why? Well, for example with an airline like United Fare, if you find a flight lower than an Expedia and Priceline deal they will match it and give you $50 off the next flight you want to book. Sweet, you just earned yourself a deal on your next vacation. What a great way to save ahead of time!

#5 A Good Season is Off-Season

If you travel during spring and fall, the price of tickets is lower.  Beware of the cost of flights around “the shoulder season” (aka Easter and Christmas time), which can be the most expensive times to book flights and accommodations. Fall and spring travel can mean up to 10 times in savings! If your planning for March and November, in between spring break, and before summer these are usually the times to find the best deals to save you some green backs.

#6 Low Fares to New Destinations

Once new routes are established by an airline, they promote it with super low introductory rates that you won’t want to miss out on.


10 Important Rules of Packing

10 Important Rules of Packing


When traveling, packing your suitcase can be a pain because you might feel like you want to bring your whole closet with you! You have to think about the cost of any extra weight and extra bags. For example, if you are flying on a popular airline like American Airlines you can expect to pay fees like $25 for the first checked bag then up to $200 up for any additional luggage.

  1. The number one rule to remember when packing is to “take half of the clothes you were planning to bring and twice the money.” Therefore, you save space in your carry-on and have extra money so you are better prepared for any situation.
  2. When deciding what to bring, take what can fit in a carry on. A carry-on is more convenient because you can easily carry it since it will be on wheels. If it gets lost, it will be easier to find since it is smaller.
  3. If you place the Fragile sticker, it will help it get treated as priority luggage because it will be placed on the top pile and have a VIP status over other people’s luggage since it will be placed first on the plane.
  4.  If you mix and match, you can easily create more outfits, but at the same time carry less with you. For example, 3 shirts and 3 bottoms is a total of 9 different outfits that you can switch around.
  5. Instead of bringing a bulky book or a CD, bring a lightweight version like a Kindle prepared with any book or country guide needed and your ipod.
  6. Use the hotel dryer instead of bringing the extra bulky weight of your own dryer, flat iron, etc.
  7. If your traveling somewhere cold, layers will work like sweaters and jackets. So, you can easily avoid carrying any bulky clothing and save on the extra baggage.
  8. Cotton and khakis are better than jeans because jeans can absorb dirt and odors.
  9. If it’s an important item like a laptop, but it wont fit in your everyday bag it would be better to leave it at home. Things can easily get stolen.
  10. If you forget a basic item you can easily buy it. You will find soap, shampoo, socks, and t-shirts wherever you go.

DFW Airport: A Foodie’s Dream Connection

If you think the only meal the Lone Star State has to offer is sweet iced tea and brisket, Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (DFW) will make you think again! As the second largest airport in the U.S., DFW’s restaurant directory is impressive.  Whether you’re craving authentic Texas BBQ, modern Chinese fusion, or gourmet cereal (yep—they have that), DFW has you covered. You will fly out of DFW feeling full, satisfied and feeling like you’ve been to a local gem. Here are 8 picks that make our mouths just water:

  1. La Bodega Winery (Terminal A, Gate A15)
    Sit back and relax outside the buzz at this lovely winery. Enjoy a glass of Texas-made wine plus cheese tray pairings while you contemplate your next flight. The wine tastes so good that you might get carried away, so don’t forget to hydrate before boarding your plane!
  2. Raeta Grill (Terminal D, D33)
    Grab a tasty margarita and experience “airport Texas” at Raeta Grill. This legendary cuisine based restaurant uses the highest quality ingredients to combine Mexican and Southwestern spice dishes. Be sure to try the chicken-fried steak, tenderloin tamales, and the tortilla soup for a hearty meal that will leave you posting pictures on your Instagram account!
  3. Cousin’s Bar-B-Q (Terminals B, Gate B27 & Terminal D, Gate D28)
    Get down and dirty at this family-owned Fort-Worth barbecue chain. Cousin’s has been serving customers with its heavily grilled meat for nearly 30 years. Jump off your flight or arrive early to experience one of Texas’ best barbecue joints.
  4. Cereality (Terminal C, Gate C6) 

    Did you miss your favorite breakfast in your rush to the airport? No problem! Take it to the next level, leaving your taste buds crying, “More custom crunchiness!” after each spoonful of custom-made cereal. Featured on Food Network’s hit show, “Unwrapped,” this eatery serves your cereal hot or cold.
  5. M Lounge (Terminal D, D23 *outside security)

    Ease your mind after a business meeting or long flight at this upscale venue. M Lounge will serve your favorite cocktail, wine, or microbrew along with mouth-watering sushi. Just because you are stuck in the terminal doesn’t mean you can ‘t have a sophisticated meal at this airport a-list venue.
  6. Cool River Café (Terminal D, Gate 25)
    Locals know this place well.  The elegant and warm atmosphere accompanies an extensive bar and wide selection of world-renowned wines. Fill up on Cool River’s grilled salmon, fantastic steaks, or primerib quesadillas.  Fusion at its finest.
  7. Tigin Irish Pub (Terminal D, Gate D20)
    Unwind from your flight at this traditional Irish pub. Catch a Premier league game while sipping on a pint of Guinness or savoring one of Tigin’s delicious dishes.  They taste as good as they look.
  8. Grand Met (Terminal D, D23 * outside security)
    This fab restaurant is connected to M Lounge, offering Mediterranean and Pacific Rim inspired multi-course meals. Sitting at this bar may make you forget that flight and think you are in a hot bar so mind your watch.  Grand Met is located at the Hyatt, a top choice for lodging at the DFW airport, so if you happen to be spending the night-relax and enjoy!

Tell us your favorite spot to FlyInStyle on Twitter or Facebook and we may feature it in a future post. Bon Appetit!


Travel Tip for Delta Passengers


So you’ve survived checking in for your flight, the overly friendly pat down from TSA, and you made it to your gate on time. Congratulations! Your reward….watching your plane pull up to the gate, deplane, and then hear a gate agent key up a very loud speaker and announce: “Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has just informed me that we need maintenance to come out and look at something, I will get back to you when I have more information.”

First off don’t freak out. The plane is safe. More than half the time it’s a computer system needing to be reset, or a broken seat belt. You will probably be on time and still make that connection. Now let’s say it’s a bigger fix. After all, these planes spend more time in the air than on the ground. Replacing a tire can take at least an hour. We’ll get into missed connections and how screwed up your day just got later, but let’s find that silver lining. Delta Airlines has a rule they don’t advertise.

If your flight leaves the gate an hour or more late because of a mechanical delay the bar is open…. in moderation. Bad weather in New York won’t get you anyextra peanuts, but that tire change means you can have any cocktail in coach for free. All you have to do is wait till the inflight beverage service starts and order away.

(Image credit: greggsmithfitness.com)

Travel Tip: h2o


Most travelers are well aware of the TSA rule of 311 these days. You can bring some liquids, but no more than 3 ounce containers in a 1 quart bag. Now airports are notorious for being more expensive at every turn. $2 for chap stick and $15 dollars for a meal for example. Now who hasn’t been in line at security and seen the bag of the person ahead of them get checked because they left a bottle of water in there. The TSA agent takes the water and wishes you good luck on finding a bottle on the other side for less than $3.

The main advice here is to bring your own empty bottle. Be it a sports bottle or plastic bottle that you recently used. As long as there’s nothing in it you are allowed to take it through security. Flights dehydrate you faster due to the air in airplanes being drier and for most people that tiny drink they serve during the flight isn’t enough. Make yourself comfortable and have your own drink before you board the plane for nothing. Airports around the country have begun installing special filling stations just for this practice. Usually they are in the wall right above a water fountain and if the airport you are at doesn’t have them the water fountain itself will give you filtered cold water for your journey. Sure this isn’t a life changing idea, but creature comforts like this will make your travels easier.

(Image credit: dogster.com)

Sweat Away Stress on Your Layover at PHL!

AIRPORTFLOATER-master675(Image credit: nytime.com)

Let’s face it: Layovers happen. And usually when we least want them (6-hour layover on the eve of Christmas, anyone? *still a little salty about that one…*). But while we can’t control the weather or the layover-deities, we can control our frustration—with the magic of exercise! Enter, Smooth Fitness’s sitNcycles!

SitNcycles were created to get American’s healthy and beat the ‘Sitting Epidemic’ at the airport, according to Smooth Fitness’s Facebook page. The machines are free, open to any willing body, and easy to use. “You don’t have to sweat, but you’ll still get the benefit of some cardio activity,” says CEO Rich Hebert of the sitNcycle. Plus, we think these simple, yet nifty machines are an excellent way to combat any stress you’re feeling pre-flight.photo 1

Currently, the sitNcycles are only featured at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), but if the machines are welcomed by travelers, which they are so far, Hebert hopes to take them nationwide. Let’s hope so—a few sitNcycles are always appreciated during a 6-hour layover.

(Tip: Not flying at PHL, but still want to get a workout in? No worries, check out airportgyms.com, a guide to finding one of over 180+ airport gyms. Or strap on that pedometer and do some laps around the concourse!)

Flying Fashionably 101: Layers, Layers, Layers!


Ladies, this one’s for you. If you couldn’t already tell from the title, I firmly believe in the power of layers while traveling. Layers can transform any outfit from drab to fab, and magically make you look both carefree and put together! So when “comfort” and “fashion” seem like they are mutually exclusive concepts, just add “layers” to the equations and, viola!—you get a pinterest-worthy travel outfit. And now that fall is right around the corner, you have an even better excuse to layer-it-up! The items you’re about to combine can be found readily in your closet! Here are the basic, classic pieces:

  1. Cardigan: Outside the airport it might be hot. Inside the airport or on your flight it might be cool. Adjusting to the temperatures is easy with the versatile cardigan—definitely a fashionable alternative to a bulky sweater.
  2. Comfy Tee: Not only is a tee comfortable, it can be chic, too! Pair a solid colored V-neck underneath a cardigan for a sharp look.
  3. Form-fitting pants: Choose either a jean or a legging. Stay away from cargo pants (!!!) to avoid a potential pat-down fiasco.
  4. Flats: Or shoes that slip on and off easily. Avoid shoes with a lot of laces/buckles/zippers as these will just extend your time in the TSA line.
  5. Scarf: Not only an accessory, it can work as a replacement to the shady airline blanket.
  6. Large tote: Big bags can spruce up any outfit, even add a pop of color. Added bonus: Carry your books and magazines fashionably. Plus, if you get too warm, tuck away your cardigan and scarf in there!

Bonus Tip: Forgot some of the above items at home? Download our FlyInStyle App to find fashionable deals at the airport!

(Psssst, fellas, we haven’t forgotten about you…Stayed tuned for our flying-fashionable guide for men!)

Travel Back In Time at LGA

Travel Back In Time at LGA

Photo Jun 24, 12 46 37 PM“This terminal is the absolute best,” “as good as it gets,” and is cool, “like Mad Men Cool,” rave just some of the latest Yelp reviewers of the Marine Air Terminal (MAT). But while majority of Yelpers give this terminal five stars for its short lines, nice workers, leather seats, and plethora of quality newspapers, we love it for something a little bit more different. Its art and history. There may be other places in the country worth noting, say Kitty Hawk, North Carolina or Columbus, Ohio, but only one place truly holds the essence of the golden age of travel. Terminal A at New York’s LaGuardia Airport.

Not surprisingly, in 1982 MAT’s grandeur earned it a place on the Historical Register of Historic Places. Although we recommend that you experience the MAT for yourself, here are 5 need-to-know-facts of the historic site:

  1. Terminal A, MAT, opened on March 31, 1940.
  2. It was designed by William Delano, a renowned architect commissioned by the Rockefeller family among others. Though it is small in comparison to today’s airport terminals, the MAT was intended to reflect the high level of class soon to be offered on transatlantic flights.
  3. On the same day, Pan America launched their FIRST luxury transatlantic flight to Lisbon, Portugal. The plane that flew that day was a double decker Boeing 314. This iconic airplane had a short time in history, but forever changed air travel as passengers could now reach the far ends of the earth in days while having access to a dining room and private compartments.
  4. In the main lobby, there once was a circular ticket counter that sat in the middle of the rotunda. That ticket counter is the only thing missing from the original state of the terminal. Today, a large bust of Fiorello La Guardia stands in its place.
  5. “Flight,” a 12 foot tall mural, by James Brooks circles the main lobby. The mural was completed in 1940 as part of the Work Projects Administration during the Great Depression. The mural pays homage to Da Vinci, the Wright Brothers, and Pan Am.

If you are flying on a shuttle service to another major city in the North East from LGA, chances are you’ll come here anyways, but if you’re at another terminal, don’t worry! Shuttles run every 10 minutes, so you can take one there and back well within one hour.

lga_airport_360_wl(Image credit: www.travelnerd.com)

Free Wi-Fi: Where, When, and Why!

how-to-get-free-wifi-in-airportsIf you know anything about the term #FOMO—the Fear Of Missing Out—you know how real it is when you DON’T have access to the Internet (Note: FOMO is not to be confused with travel separation anxiety). I, more specifically, experience MAJOR email #FOMO when traveling. What if while I’m sans connectivity my bank sends me a ‘fraudulent activity alert’ email? How will I ever know who wants to connect with me on LinkedIn?! Torture, truly. Thus, (free) Wi-Fi has become a staple, and fortunately, airports are picking up on this fact.

Mikey Tierney reports in an article that of the nation’s 30 busiest airports, 12 offer free Wi-Fi! And why the gradual switch to demonetizing internet access, you may wonder? “A pleasant experience for travelers, which can include Wi-Fi, could spawn fresh businesses,” Tierney writes, and “some lost revenue [on Wi-Fi] would be recouped through more spending at airport establishments.” So money saved on W-Fi is money spent on…shopping. Hey, we’re not complaining!

Free Wifi_350

Airwatchdog.com does a great job of compiling a comprehensive list of U.S. and international airports that offer free Wi-Fi. Their list also includes airports that still charge for access and their prices. However, you should always double check the list’s accuracy—although it says Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport charges $4.95 per day for access, as of late, it’s actually free!

So since you’re getting deals on airport Wi-Fi, go ahead—download our free FlyInStyle App and find more exclusive deals on your favorite airport shopping!

(Top image credit: ibackpackcanada.com)

Traveling Without Kids

While you may be excited to attend the MLB All-Star game, go on a business trip, or take a much needed vacay, the thought of leaving your kids behind is causing you some very unwanted anxiety. If left unchecked, this anxiety can take over your entire trip—potentially even ruin it, yikes! However, although your separation anxiety might not vanish altogether, if the right precautionary steps are taken, it should exponentially decrease! Inspired by fellow blogger Cara Harrington, here are a few of the tips and tricks she recommends to make separation a little easier.

See-You-Later Hugs: Saying “goodbye” may feel like a more permanent farewell, so to ease that feeling try changing a few words around. It’s important for kids to actually hear YOU say that you’ll be seeing them soon, even if you think that’s a given.

Make a special calendar: To give your kids a sense of time and a count down until you’re home, create a calendar of activities you’re going to do on your trip and the kids get to do while you’re away. (Try to keep yours sounding boring so your kids don’t get jealous!) If your kids are old enough, they can even participate in the making of the calendar—a fun arts and crafts project!

FaceTime: Designate a time in the day where you and your child see and/or hear one another. Limit the calls to once a day—and preferably after they’ve had dinner/right before bed. One call a day simultaneously gives both you and your child a sense of security and time to solidify their independence.

Lastly, enjoy your travel and on the way back check out the FlyInStyle App for more helpful tips (like, what goodies to get your tots at the airport)!

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