Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport

Gone are the days passengers could smoke on the plane and wear steel-toed boots through airport security. While we do not necessarily miss either of those, it’s easy to admit longers lines, security and stricter regulations add stress to traveling. Airports are now viewed as the burdensome middleman between our starting points and destinations. However, many are noticing the negative attitudes and are creating unique developments to improve the passenger experience.

Let’s talk about the Singapore Changi Airport. The sixth busiest airport in the world and second in the world by international passenger traffic, Changi only hosts international flights. It’s not just an airport, it’s a multifaceted tourist destination.

Here is why it’s considered one of the world’s best airports in the world.

Artful Structures

The Changi Airport has four large terminals that are connected by a monorail system. Each terminal, featuring artwork, digital structures, and gardens, appears more like a museum than an airport.


 A Million Times at Changi (T2) is an analog clock and one of the largest kinetic structures in the world. Inspired by the Arctic tern,  Birds In Flight (T3) perfectly captures the essence of the airport. Passengers waiting at the Centralized Security area can marvel at the Immersive Wall, an LED display of the Singapore skyline. A wonderful distraction from how long the line ahead of you is.

Nature walk

Changi airport’s eight gardens are unique from one another, but all alleviate the stressful nature of airports. Even just five minutes in the Butterfly Garden or Orchid Garden can clear your mind before a long flight.

The gardens include:

Resort or Airport?

Traveling with children is tough. We all become restless, bored, and cranky but it’s more socially acceptable for those under a certain age to lash out. The team of people who designed the Singapore Airport must know this. The Entertainment Corner (T4) features arcade games and Xbox Kinects. When they get tired of that, send them down  The Slide @ T3 a few times. It is the tallest airport slide in the world.!

Have a few hours during a layover? No…have a few days during a layover? Check out a movie or two at the movie theaters in Terminals 2 and 3 and/or unwind for a few hours at the swimming pool (T1).

Singapore is an incredible country with an incredible airport and we aren’t ashamed to admit it might take a couple days to get us out of there. Unfortunately, we do still have to take off our shoes through security but it will all be worth it when you’re receiving a spa treatment, feet away from your terminal.

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New Year, New Carry-on; Items You Need to Stay Healthy at 30,000 Feet

New Year, New Carry-on; Items You Need to Stay Healthy at 30,000 Feet

It’s a New Year, Dry January is going strong and our resolutions are becoming our natural way of life. Two weeks into the new year and we have never felt better!


Ok so maybe Dry January is not so easy and the daily kale smoothies remain full while you desperately try to avoid a repeat of last year’s late night pizza meltdown. However, the face-de-bloat and extra energy should be inspiration enough to at least maintain healthy habits the whole air travel process. Your body is more vulnerable 30,000 feet in the air where it needs extra care and protection.

Below are some carry-on items that will keep you a healthy, functioning human.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

New Year

Water bottle: Your mother, brother, roommate, and neighbor have all insisted you drink more water. They’re right – especially when you’re going to be on a plane or in a dry, stuffy airport. Now insist that one of them buys you a reusable water bottle to fill up at the airport.

Tea: Hopefully you left your 3.5 oz. liquor bottles at home and chose an alternative mid-flight comfort drink. Throw some of your favorite teas in your carry-on and ask a flight attendant for hot water when he or she is taking drink orders. A warm, relaxing, less-bloating drink than vodka cranberries across the aisle.

Face hydrating spray/mist: This is obviously less important than water and not necessary for all. However, a hydrating spray can be amply beneficial for some peoples’ when applied before and after a flight. Some options include Caudalie Grape Water, Evian spray, and Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water.

Save the greasy burger and pizza for the Superbowl

Frozen grapes: These will keep your other food cold and also make a delicious snack.

Hummus: Individual hummus packs under 3.5 oz. can be paired with many of your favorite snacks and vegetables and don’t create a huge cleanup.

Leftovers: Don’t worry about wasting the leftover food in your fridge before your trip. Make individual meals in Tupperware containers to resist the temptation to splurge in the airport.

Germs are not a souvenir

New Year


Disinfecting wipes: Flight attendants and cleaning crews do the best they can under time constraints but it never hurts to disinfect yourself!

Sanitizer: We feel this one is self-explanatory.

Mid-flight comfort

Noise-canceling headphones: Sleeping on planes is difficult for most. The frequent announcements and young families are just a few of the distractions that keep you awake (and the uncomfortable seats!). Noise canceling headphones might make the process a little easier.

Foldable blanket: Airplanes are cold and airlines don’t give out blankets as much as they used to. Don’t worry about space though; there are plenty of blankets that fold and fit neatly into your carry-on.

Portable charger: Perfect for the longer flights. No one wants their e-reader to shut off mid-flight or to be landing with a dead phone.

Have any of these items worked for you? Let us know @FlyInStyleApp! We love to hear from you!


Food Trucks Roll Into Airports and Show No Signs of Slowing Down

Food Trucks Roll Into Airports and Show No Signs of Slowing Down

Food trucks

Food trucks are certainly nothing new. We have loved them the past couple centuries as they took over our streets in the form of food carts, Weiner Mobiles, ice cream trucks, and fine dining on wheels. Our dedication to food trucks was solidified in 2014 with the creation of the National Food Truck Association. Now we have upped the ante as food trucks have started rolling into some of our favorite airports.

This is perfect for travelers who want to experience local food during a layover but don’t have enough time to leave the airport. Similar to airports that feature local artists, each airport’s food truck scene emulates the culinary and cultural essence of its city.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

JFK‘s Terminal 4 is the home to the Five Borough Food Hall – a food truck amalgam featuring varying cuisines. It’s a condensed resemblance to the food selection and diversity of NYC. Options include tacos, gyros, noodles, bagels, and a full-service bar.

Portland International Airport

The food carts located in the Clocktower Plaza in PDX offer Mexican, pizza, and Korea-Mexican fusion dishes. Poblano Peppers and Al Forno Ferruzza are both family owned and operated, while Korean Twist uses family recipes throughout its meu.

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

As of April, AUS‘s new South Terminal has been in business. While it is small and remote from the airport’s main terminal, the South Terminal has plenty to offer travelers. The outdoor patio is where you can sit and watch the planes take off. It’s also where you will find the Stacked Sliders food truck.

Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport

Food Truck Alley opened up in Concourse E of MSP this summer. The participating restaurants – Red Cow, Salty Tart and, Holy Land – are Twin City favorites. Food Truck Alley also provides rustic seating and ambiance that will make you forget you’re in an airport.

Let us know @flyinstyleapp if you have come across food truck at other airports!

How To: Last Minute Airport Holiday Gift Guide

How To: Last Minute Airport Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are about being around the ones you love and gift giving is what keeps them around. (Totally kidding. Kind of.) Flying around the holidays is a nuisance but luckily airports essentially double as a mall where you can purchase the last few items on your shopping list.

We have curated a gift guide based on the shops in the Nashville International Airport; however, it can also work as a template for other airports!


Nashville Rolls Out the Red Carpet

Nashville Rolls Out the Red Carpet

A little glam, a little funk – Nashville, Tennessee offers something special for everyone. As the country music capital of the world, Nashville draws top-name entertainers and new artists hoping to catch their big break. However, business travelers passing through town should not deny themselves the chance to get a little two-step in, catch live music, and dive into the local foodie scene. Here’s how to spend your time in this musical, spirited little Southern city.


How To: Eat Healthy for the Holidays at BNA

How To: Eat Healthy for the Holidays at BNA

The holidays are upon us and, unfortunately (or not), so are gluttonous meals and desserts. Strict diets and cleanses have their place in January, but balance is still important leading up to the Holiday Season. We’re #thankful for the sweets at the Thanksgiving table, but we’re eating healthy while traveling through the Nashville International Airport. Here are some ideas:

Fresh-Squeezed Juice, Berry Field Bistro (Concourse C):

Choose one of their creations or blend your own healthy juice. Ingredients include Apple, Beet, Kale, Carrot, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Cucumber, Celery, and Ginger.

Egg White Omelet, Gibson Cafe (Concourse C):

A gluten free omelet with tomatoes, spinach, pepper jack cheese, and a baby green salad. Healthy without sacrificing flavor!

Yogurt & Granola, Gibson Cafe (Concourse C):

This antioxidant-loaded breakfast of Greek yogurt and seasonal berries will leave your appetite satisfied and your skin glowing (well, we can hope).

Oh Kale! Smoothie, Freshens Smoothies & Yogurt (A/B Food Court):

This smoothie has one and a half servings of greens and tastes like mango and pineapple. Substitute the mango sorbet for Greek yogurt and add protein powder for a more filling drink.

The Cobb, Berry Field Bistro (Concourse C):

A protein-packed salad to keep you full and energized through your flight and away from the baked goods. Leave off the bacon and blue cheese crumbles to keep it healthy.

How To: Self-Guided Luxurious Tour of BNA

How To: Self-Guided Luxurious Tour of BNA

Airports can be an uncomfortable experience, we get it. You just want to get from point A to point B and there is often lots of waiting in between. However, with a change of perspective and planning, you can have a luxurious experience before your next flight out of the Nashville International Airport. [For other airports check out our Airport Guide]

Vino Volo (Concourse C)

Begin your experience at Vino Volo – a quiet and upscale restaurant to unwind after security. Pick out a wine and ask an employee which food pairing he or she recommends. As long as it is in a plastic cup, you can bring your wine
to the next location.

Massage Bar (Concourse C)

Once you’re finished eating, take your Vino Volo wine to the Massage Bar, where professionals are waiting in a relaxed environment to pamper you. Don’t forget to pick out a spa gift on the way out.

Insider Tip: At this point, you may want to stop by Vino Volo again to refill your cup.
Just sayin’.

Nashville Nails & Salon Center (Concourse C)

Feeling relaxed from your massage, it’s time for Nashville Nails & Salon Center. Didn’t have time the week leading up to your trip for a haircut or wax? False. Nashville Nails & Salon Center offers waxing, barber, and hair care services for men, women, and children. You’ll be rolling off the plane freshly groomed.

SGH Sunglass Hut (Concourse C)

Speaking of vacation, did we hear your son used your sunglasses in his last Houdini skit and they never reappeared? Don’t settle for the ill-fitting drug store pair you’ve had for eight years (how come those never go missing?) and purchase a new pair at SGH Sunglass Hut. You deserve it. Although, we do suggest keeping the new shades high above kids’ reach.

Godiva (Concourse B)

Sadly your flight has started boarding and your pampering tour is coming to an end. Hold onto that last bit of luxury by purchasing some Godiva chocolate for your flight.

Nashville Haunted Houses

Nashville Haunted Houses

One visit to Instagram will surely remind you: ‘Tis the season of pumpkin patches, flannel, and fall foliage. But it is also the season of cobwebs, gory creatures, and ominous sounds. If you’d rather spend your Saturday getting spooked than at the orchard, we have you covered. There are plenty of haunted sites and attractions in the Nashville area that will test your limits. Trust us, every location we mention below does its job. Gone are the days of spending $20 for your school’s 45-second haunted house, featuring the drama club’s fall production understudies.

Insider Tip: If you value your feet and overall safety, wear comfortable closed-toed shoes. And please do not bring the child you are babysitting to any of these sites. Missing out on social plans sucks, but so does explaining to your neighbors why their son is suddenly afraid of the dark.


Airport of the Week: DFW

Airport of the Week: DFW

This is one of many posts to come highlighting top travel routes and airports out of Nashville International Airport (BNA).

Dallas is quite the city. We’ve discussed “The Big D” a few times, but according to “Cowtown” residents, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. There’s an interesting divide regarding which is the superior city: Dallas or Fort Worth? We will remain a neutral party in this debate and present you a “How To Spend Your Time In The Dallas-Fort Worth Airport” guide. A guide to an airport as animated as its cities and the eleventh busiest airport in the world!


Airport of the Week: PHL

Airport of the Week: PHL

This is one of many posts to come highlighting top travel routes and airports out of Nashville International Airport (BNA).

Animal relief areas, mother’s nursing stations, kids corner, free WiFi, charging stations, and art exhibitions have fortunately become a norm for most airports. The Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) delivers these new expectations with its own established charm.


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