Born to Travel

Flying to GermanyI’ve had a passion for traveling ever since I exited the womb and landed in the arms of my mother. And if I had it my way, I would be seeing, breathing, and experiencing a new travel adventure each day. What’s not to love about getting to know the world around you? Traveling can be a great tool for building knowledge. The chance to experience different cultures, seek out the stereotypes, and find something you’ve never known about yourself in the process, priceless! I get a rush of emotions when I am beginning another adventure, yet that nervous (sometimes fearful) feeling in my belly, excited fluttering of my heart and adrenaline powering me forward power me to jump in with both feet, feeding my love of travel. My name is Brenea (Bra-ney) but you’ll know me as Buzzin’ B, one of the youngest writers here at FlyInStyle. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you, starting with a little history about me.

My first travel adventures started as a baby; my parents would fly me from Germany to the United States, where my grandparents lived, while they were away. As an Army Brat, I never knew when which one of my parents would deploy. Sometimes it could happen at the same time. Despite the uncertainties, all that traveling had its perks and I was hooked early to the pleasures of new lands.  As a little girl, my mom and I would wait for the ice cream man to appear by our home. We ordered the usual, Spaghetteis, every time. Have you had it? It’s this delicious German-made ice cream that looks exactly like spaghetti but in ice cream form! The best part was eating the cookie that was delicately topped on this yummy treat. I wouldhop on a plane right now to enjoy one of these with my mom and relive those moments.

My parents share a hobby of collecting unique statues, art, china, and grandfather clocks. On one trip to Poland as a young girl, I remember walking wide-eyed into an antique-looking shop, lined with hundreds of huge, beautifully crafted grandfather clocks with bells ringing and cuckoo clocks with birds shooting out every fifteen minutes throughout the store. Each clock was made with top craftsmanship, down to the smallest details like the screws and the more prominent ones like the chain. Long thick gold chains and a manual bell filled the bellies of the clocks. As I look back fondly to my travel days as a young child, I feel grateful to have experienced these once in a lifetime adventures with my family. Those experiences in my younger years helped form who I have become as a young woman and left me hungry to create new memories in my adulthood. I look forward to sharing my experiences and travel knowledge with you…and with other adventurous, travel hungry road warriors like me.  Keep checking back to and download the FlyInStyle app, where you will find tips and stories from me (and the rest of the crew!) to make your airport experience amazing. Auf wiedersehen!