Hop Over to Last-Minute Easter Gifts, Right at the Airport

Hop Over to Last-Minute Easter Gifts, Right at the Airport

Going home for Easter but not in the mood to pay luggage fees to pack gifts for the family? You don’t have to waste precious luggage space or worry about selecting gifts that will make it through security; these days, you can find fabulous gifts for your loved ones right at the airport, saving you shopping time and energy. Thankfully Easter is a pretty low-maintenance holiday when it comes to giving gifts (looking at you, Christmas and Hannukah), so a simple card and box of chocolates will suffice. Most stores have pre-made Easter baskets and boxes prepared, making your job even easier. If you’re feeling that extra “Spring” in your step, bring home flowers for mom – she deserves it!

Knowing where to go is half the battle. Plan some extra time at your departure airport or take a little time when you land to find yourself a chocolate shop and a Hudson Booksellers  to purchase cards. Because there are so many quality options at airports these days, you will surely find a gift to bring home for Easter that does not scream “last-minute.” Here is a list of chocolate and gift shops at various airports that will melt your heart (and theirs!):

EasterInsider Tip: While you nibble on that extra chocolate treat you picked up for yourself, use your time on the plane to express how much you care in each of the cards you picked up.  Everyone loves a heartfelt handwritten note!

Top 5 Airport Engagements

Top 5 Airport Engagements

Heart racing, sweaty palms, and love fueling the courage building to take the next step. These feelings are what it takes to take it to the next level and make a lifetime memory. Getting engaged is one of the best moments in life…as long as she says yes! More and more, people are creating clever ways to surprise the loves of their lives in unexpected places. How does the airport sound? After all, some of the best memories in life are associated with travel. We’ve searched high and low for heart-warming, tissue-dabbing airport engagements that may even inspire your own inner amante.

  1. Best Engagement at Tocumen International Airport (PTY)

Fasten your seat belts because you’ll surely want to watch this tearjerker from start to finish! Antonio tallies for the most romantic airport engagement ever. Surrounded by love, Antonio pulls off the hardest question of his life. Marry me? Life couldn’t get much better than living it with the one you’ve dreamt of for a lifetime.

  1. Best Wedding Proposal at LAX

Creative, charming, and musical. Who wouldn’t want to marry this romantic songbird? Skip to 3:33 to see the singing knight get on one knee with a beautiful ring.

  1. A Christmas Surprise at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne Country Airport (DTW)

Roses are red; violets are blue, wait a 100 days to see if he loves you too! Emma waits to surprise her Air Force man at the gate. Little does she know she’s the one that gets the true surprise of a lifetime. After being handed a bulk of roses, Jon greets his princess at 1:52 to pop the question. Let’s see if she she says yes.

  1. JAX Airport Wedding Proposal

Natalie and Matt seem to always rekindle their love at the airport. Why not record a memorable moment that’ll last for years to come? Just a day after Valentine’s Day, Matt perfectly times the cutest, most sincere proposal at Jacksonville International Airport. Grab a tissue as 2:16 marks the sweet spot for a heartfelt and  engagement any woman dreams.

  1. Cutest Airport Engagement Ever!

Eager to see his beautiful girlfriend, Alex greeted Jasmina with a pink rose and heart-warming hug. Five years may seem long but for these two it’s just the beginning. Skip to 1:29, as Alex commits to take their relationship to the next level with the ring of her dreams. Check out that ring!

The power of love is a beautiful gift. After long travels through the airport, it’s good to know there’s a special person that will always be around.What are you waiting for? Hit that play button while you wait to board! Or maybe you will pop the big question over this holiday weekend? If so, send us your video and we’ll share with your fellow frequent flying romantics.  Why not make Labor Day into Labor of Love Day?


Foodie on the Fly at DTW? How About a Vegan Peanut Butter Sandwiches at PB&J?

Foodie on the Fly at DTW? How About a Vegan Peanut Butter Sandwiches at PB&J?

Detroit Metropolitan Airport is one of the nicest airports to fly through so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of fantastic restaurant choices to boot.  Depending on who you need to feed and how much time you have, the choices can be overwhelming fast.  Satisfy your kids and the kid-in-you with gourmet peanut butter sandwiches at PB&J. With peanut or almond butter options, a variety of jelly choices, and fruit, honey, and chocolate additions available, what’s not to like? Even the pickiest little eater in your travel crew will warm up to this familiar meal.  These tasty sandwiches are vegan and come with a banana on the side for a healthy boost of Vitamin K.  Just one bite will transport you back to the school lunchroom and the bliss of childhood…plus they are easy to eat and transport in your carryon bag for an in-flight snack later on.

Pro Tip: Add a slice of bacon to your PB&J. Go on, do it.

Image credit: By Renee Comet (photographer) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Chocolate: The Cure For Airport Stress

Chocolate: The Cure For Airport Stress

Travel delays got you feeling down at the airport? Indulge in some tasty chocolate! The delicious snack will not only satisfy your sweet tooth cravings but also releases feel-good endorphins. Stress be gone!

Pro Tip: If there’s a Duty Free store in your airport, check for travel retail confectionary exclusives. You can score some great deals on delicious chocolates! We love Godiva.

Image credit: By André Karwath aka Aka (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)], via Wikimedia Commons

Sweet Valentine’s Day Treats for Your Valentine Sweet

Sweet Valentine’s Day Treats for Your Valentine Sweet

How sweet it is to be loved by you! This is your pilot speaking.

Valentine’s Day is this weekend and for those of us on the tarmac, time might be limited to find that special someone a little treat. I’ve compiled a list of places in major airports around the U.S. where you can find something special if time is tight. I have a bit of a sweet tooth and have first hand experience at most of these places. If I missed a favorite spot of yours I apologies. The list below is meant to also showcase something only found at that airport. There are two exceptions in The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Dylan’s Candy Bar which have franchises around the country. Rocky Mountain is your classic confectionery with treats for ever taste. Dylan’s offers a large selection of favorite brand name candies that you can 4314-Truffles36_79881_01v1Wmix and match as well as pre made gift boxes. A special note on Dylan’s: If you ever find yourself just east of Central Park in New York City you will find the flagship store that offers 4 stories of candy heaven. And if you happen to be flying internationally, don’t forget you can always find delicious limited edition Godiva Belgian chocolates at Duty Free Stores everywhere. Enjoy and safe travels as always!

The Aviator


Meet the Flying Salesman

“Welcome to the team!”  A warm and inviting line thatAdam Little everyone enjoys and the exact phrase I heard when I decided to accept an invitation to join one of the most exciting global travel startups, FlyInStyle, as a writer. Sure I would keep my day job and I knew that this was going to be fun, but I had a problem.  I had to find a way to introduce myself to you, the readers.  I could start by telling you I have worked for several companies over the years (the most life transforming (and fun) being The Walt Disney Company) but that’s not who I am today.  I could tell you that I am avid fan of college basketball and Pearl Jam, but perhaps you don’t care about that.  No doubt you will hear about these details and much more about my life in future posts, but this is not the time nor place to get into all that.

So, let’s start with some basics…

In short, I am a business man who travels quite a bit. I know, I know… we are a dime a dozen, right? You see us at the airport in our pressed pants and button down shirts, clinging to the life support also known as our  smartphones. We can be obnoxious at times as we yell into our mobile devices because the PA system at the airport has to be louder than the airplanes themselves, which leaves us barely able to hear our own thoughts much less the voices on the line. You may also catch us having a post meeting brew at the airport bar, still with our iPhones or Blackberries in hand. We are a plugged-in community. That is for certain. But business is what makes the world go round. Am I right? And what is it that makes business go round? Travel. As a sales person, I can tell you first hand that face time with a customer is an irreplaceable asset that can pay off dividends down the road. Since customers are spread out as we evolve to be a more and more global community, travel has become synonymous with business. Meeting people and getting to know them isn’t just a business practice, it is an integral part of the human experience.

That being said, I can’t travel to meet each of you so I will do the next best thing. Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Adam Little and I am the newest addition to the team here at FlyInStyle. I am a sales person for a large industrial automation company which keeps me on the road quite a bit trying to capture that great asset I mentioned before and referred to as “face time”. I am a married father of the 2 best kids in the world (don’t try and convince me otherwise – it is futile) and I enjoy cooking, reading and traveling with my family. My life is hectic (hey, whose isn’t right?) but my wife is phenomenal and somehow we make it work.

As I said before, I travel extensively and have been doing so for about 15 years. I guess you can call me The Flying Salesman! That’s right, I have taken my job and turned myself into a super hero. My special power: helping my fellow business travelers one tip at a time. Well… that and I make really good homemade potato chips, but I am told that we already have a food writer here so let’s just stick with the business travel tips. (Well, you might see a few food opinions from me once in awhile; the foodie inside is part of who I am.)

During my time on the road (or in the air) I have accumulated quite a few tidbits of information that might prove helpful to the modern business traveler. And there is no better forum to share these nuggets of knowledge than right here at FlyInStyle. My hope is that you will check back often to see where I have been, what I have been up to or even just to find some new tips I may be sharing.

Regardless, let me just say first and foremost, truthfully and simply: THANKS FOR READING!

What? You’re really bummed that you read the whole blog post and there wasn’t one travel tip? Okay, I suppose I do owe you one. Here it goes…

Business Travel Tip #1: DOWNLOAD THE FLYINSTYLE APP TODAY to amplify your business travel experience.

You say you want more? Alright, but this is the last one! If you are reading this from ATL or DTW, you can use their FREE WIFI to download the FLYINSTYLE APP!

Ok, that’s it… I’m off to sell some more product and hit my sales numbers. Up, up and AWAY!!!

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