Hop Over to Last-Minute Easter Gifts, Right at the Airport

Hop Over to Last-Minute Easter Gifts, Right at the Airport

Going home for Easter but not in the mood to pay luggage fees to pack gifts for the family? You don’t have to waste precious luggage space or worry about selecting gifts that will make it through security; these days, you can find fabulous gifts for your loved ones right at the airport, saving you shopping time and energy. Thankfully Easter is a pretty low-maintenance holiday when it comes to giving gifts (looking at you, Christmas and Hannukah), so a simple card and box of chocolates will suffice. Most stores have pre-made Easter baskets and boxes prepared, making your job even easier. If you’re feeling that extra “Spring” in your step, bring home flowers for mom – she deserves it!

Knowing where to go is half the battle. Plan some extra time at your departure airport or take a little time when you land to find yourself a chocolate shop and a Hudson Booksellers  to purchase cards. Because there are so many quality options at airports these days, you will surely find a gift to bring home for Easter that does not scream “last-minute.” Here is a list of chocolate and gift shops at various airports that will melt your heart (and theirs!):

EasterInsider Tip: While you nibble on that extra chocolate treat you picked up for yourself, use your time on the plane to express how much you care in each of the cards you picked up.  Everyone loves a heartfelt handwritten note!

Chocolate: The Cure For Airport Stress

Chocolate: The Cure For Airport Stress

Travel delays got you feeling down at the airport? Indulge in some tasty chocolate! The delicious snack will not only satisfy your sweet tooth cravings but also releases feel-good endorphins. Stress be gone!

Pro Tip: If there’s a Duty Free store in your airport, check for travel retail confectionary exclusives. You can score some great deals on delicious chocolates! We love Godiva.

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Meet the Aviator

Meet the Aviator

Welcome aboard, FlyInStyle, from the cockpit.

This is your pilot speaking.

As I write this I’m on a flight to Houston. Don’t worry, I’m in the back with all the other passengers. I often ride in the back as I ‘deadhead’ to join the next flight where I will actually be part of the crew. Between my time as a crew member working, deadheading, and personal travel, it amazes me how often people make traveling more difficult than it has to be.

As a pilot for one of the worlds largest airlines I have the pleasure of adding some insight to the other side of aviation travel along with some tips and stories. I have a personal love for travel that goes beyond my career that has taken me to every continent except Antarctica. I have spent so much time in so many airports that they are second homes. There are few places I see the everyday person be less comfortable at, than stuck in a travel setting involving an airplane. It starts the moment you arrive at the airport. The stress level goes up as you stand in a check-in line or for security. Everyone feels rushed. Everyone wants to ‘get this over with as soon as possible. Questionable food that’s overpriced. Stores that try to draw you in right before your flight. Gate areas that are crowded and hectic. And you haven’t even boarded the massive metal beast that flies miles above the ground, near the speed of sound, that you have no control over!

It’s easlos-angeles-commercial-piloty to see how most people don’t love this portion of travel. It’s often said ‘it’s not the

destination, but the journey.’ I love what I get to do in flying an airplane, but I love even more the real comforts of home, or at least a decent hotel at an exciting destination. So unless you get to sit in my seat, I agree that it’s the destination that is the highlight of the trip.

You step on the curb and get ready for the miracle of flight. Here’s where FlyInStyle comes to your aid. What should you know to make things go smoother till you reach your destination? Where’s a good meal that won’t empty your wallet? What stores should I give the time of day? Where’s the free stuff that can make this experience more enjoyable? I, along with the others that make up the FlyInStyle family, are here to answer those very questions and so much more.

So please, sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight! Welcome aboard FlyInStyle!


The Aviator

PS – If you haven’t already, download our app on iOS at http://bit.ly/1lp4quE so you can fly in style too.

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