Four Airports That Will Add Some Jazz To Your Next Flight

Four Airports That Will Add Some Jazz To Your Next Flight

Live music is one of the newest trends at airports these days, making for a more entertaining layover or delay. Yes, you are reading that right. Music helps create a more localized and relaxed experience without having to leave the terminal.  We’re game for anything that helps make the trip less stressful and more memorable.

Here are four airports that will have you jammin’ til your flight takes off:

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport 

Live Music in the Austin Airport.

Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World, so it is only fitting that Austin-Bergstrom has its own live music scene. Monday through Friday, local musicians perform at various locations through the airport. What better way to start or end a visit to Austin, than hearing local musicians play while sipping on a brew? 

Performances are held in the Barbara Jordan Terminal:

  • Earl Campbell’s Sports Bar (Gate 13)
  • Waterloo Records / Austin City Limits (Gate 13)
  • The Saxon Pub and Grub (Gate 5)
  • Annie’s Cafe & Bar (Gate 18)

Check out a detailed list of performances here

Nashville International Airport

Nashville, otherwise known as The Music City.

This airport has held live music performances in its concourses since 1988. (Hello, trendsetters!) Any travelers who find themselves waiting to depart at BNA have a good chance at a free performance from one of the Music City’s finest. All types of music are performed at six different stages in locations throughout the airport, so if you’re a frequent flyer based in the Nashville area you will always have something to tap your feet to.

Check out a detailed list of performances here.

Pittsburgh International Airport 


Baggage claim just became a lot more interesting in PIT.

Waiting for friends and family to arrive at this airport won’t seem like such a hassle anymore, especially if there is a delay or a lost bag claim to file. (On Thursdays, that is.) As part of a new Performing Arts Series, local musicians will be performing in Baggage Claim every Thursday. So park your car in short term parking and head inside; you will have a violinist’s melody to soothe you as pass the time waiting for your loved one.

Check out a detailed list of performances here.

Seattle–Tacoma International Airport

SeaTac Airport.

In an effort to showcase the Northeast’s music culture through the City of Music program, SeaTac has enhanced its airport environment with constant music. And we love it. There is live music in multiple locations throughout the terminal every day of the week. Also, strategically placed speakers will be broadcasting music by over 240 Northwest artists. If you have time, you might check out the music-themed art exhibits also. A delayed flight wouldn’t be the worst thing at this airport!

Check out a detailed list of performances here.

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Win My Stomach, Win My Heart: A Valentine’s Travel Guide, Vol 3

Win My Stomach, Win My Heart: A Valentine’s Travel Guide, Vol 3

The clock is ticking, and if you still haven’t planned a delicious Valentine’s Day food adventure for your significant other, I have one more tantalizing suggestion for you, and it’s not too late. Head to the Lone Star state and be still your beating heart with BBQ in Austin, Texas!

 Option #3: Austin. I feel quite confident recommending a Valentine’s Day foodventure in Austin. After all, this is my new hometown and I have spent much of the last six months exploring every meat establishment on your behalf. I’ve also gained 15 pounds, so you’re welcome! Austin has it all: stunning hill country vistas, authentic BBQ, and live bands to satisfy any musical taste. Your romantic journey can begin before you even leave Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) at the legendary Salt Lick BBQ. Be sure to sample the mouth-watering Pork Ribs, but don’t go crazy! The plan is to sweep your lover off their feet by visiting as many BBQ joints as possible, and you don’t want to get too full right off the bat.

photo copy

Sexy, sexy Salt Lick

Your next stop should be Franklin Barbecue, where you might have to stand in line for hours but trust me, it’s worth it. The tastiest Brisket and the moistest Turkey you’ve ever had in your life await you. Plus you can do some serious hand holding to pass the time while you wait.

But my personal favorite BBQ joint in Austin is The County Line. With cowboy décor lining the walls and plates overflowing with all varieties of meats, The County Line is a BBQ dream. Order up a combo plate of Brisket, Sausage, and Pulled Pork and share them a la “Lady and the Tramp”. With side options like Mashed Potatoes, Macaroni and Cheese, and Fried Okra rounding off the meal, you’ll be bursting (with love!) when you waddle out of this restaurant.

photo copy 2

Austin is more than just sweet, delicious meat. Take a stroll through the grounds of the Texas State Capitol and admire the way the sunlight reflects off of the golden dome. Afterwards, have a cocktail at the bar of the Driskill Hotel, which has been in operation since 1886 and looks like the set of a John Wayne movie. They make a mean Bloody Mary!

As the sun starts to set over the hills of Texas, grab some Mexican Vanilla ice cream from local favorite Amy’s Ice Creams and climb to the top of Mount Bonnell. You can take in the stunning panorama of downtown Austin and the Colorado River as you kiss your Valentine, who might still taste faintly of BBQ sauce.

Wherever you may travel this Valentine’s Day, I hope it’s full of flavor and absolutely delicious. Wishing you true love and tasty travels!

Pro Tip: If you loved Amy’s Ice Creams, you’re in luck! They have a shop located at Gate 12 at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Order up a dish and toast to a very sweet Valentine’s Day!

Image Credits: Lara Pasternak

Home Sweet Airport

When does a journey truly begin? Does it start when you’re sitting at your computer, buying plane tickets and researching hotels and restaurants in faraway cities? Or is it when you’re trying to decide how many outfits you can cram into your suitcase and still have room for five pairs of shoes? For me, any journey, whether business or pleasure, begins when the automatic doors of my home base airport open and whisk me into a world of excitement, anticipation, and yes, sometimes frustration.

Like bookends on a shelf, your home airport is both the launch pad of your next great adventure and the first glimpse of return when that journey has ended. Whether you travel occasionally or you’re George Clooney in “Up In The Air”, the experience of a home base airport can be a constant and a comfort. You know that after you snake through the security line, there are familiar restaurants, bars, and gift shops awaiting you. You know just where the comfortable padded seats are, the ones with charging stations and prime views of the planes taxiing and taking off on the tarmac. You’ve located the clean bathrooms, and you know the best place to buy your preferred plane snack (trail mix with M&Ms, of course). If your flight happens to become delayed, you might grumble but now you have time for a burger and a beer at the bar of your favorite restaurant. And when you see the twinkling lights of your airport’s runway from the plane window on your return journey, you know you’re finally home.

For the past ten years, Laguardia has been my home airport. I was a New York City schoolteacher, so air travel to me meant winter breaks to visit my mother in Florida and epic European summer adventures. I lived only ten minutes from the airport, so I really considered it a beacon of home. I had my pre-flight routine: Post security in Terminal D, I’d load up from the surprisingly tasty Food Court Salad Bar and Buffet if I was attempting to be healthy, or order a decadent Custom Burger by Pat La Frieda with a fried egg on a potato roll if I was not. After my meal, I’d buy a sweet snack and some gum for the plane. Well stocked, I’d settle in at my gate, updating my Facebook announcing the start of my travels.

But life has a way of surprising you, because now my new home airport is Austin-Bergstrom International smack dab in the middle of Texas. Six months ago I followed my heart and the love of my life to Austin. I’m now a journalist and my business travels take me near and far. Adjusting to Texas was one thing, but I find myself also taking in my new home airport. There’s no Pat La Frieda but there is Salt Lick BBQ, which a girl can certainly get used to. There’s also live music “keeping Austin weird”, local favorite Thundercloud Subs, and gift shops selling up bottles of hot sauce and dry rubs. I’ve even found the comfy seats from which I can enjoy my trail mix with M&Ms, which I now buy in the largest size because hey, everything’s bigger in Texas.

The world is changing and air travel is no longer a luxury but the norm. As such, airports have upped their game to become exciting venues filled with top-notch restaurants, quirky bars, and specialty shops with local food and beverage gifts. In many ways, airports are ambassadors for the regions they represent, offering their own flavors to those who are passing through. Come along with me on this journey as I explore the food and fun of not only my new home airport but all home airports around the world. Wishing you tasty travels!

Here I am in all my glory, patiently awaiting my flight.  Where’s my trail mix?

Here I am in all my glory, patiently awaiting my flight. Where’s my trail mix?

Image credit: Top Image -Joe Mabel [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Bottom Image: Lara Pasternak


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