Free Movies on Delta Flights?!


On certain aircrafts, that seems to be the case!

Delta Airlines is currently upgrading part of its fleet to have better in-flight entertainment systems. If you find yourself in an aircraft with the new touch screen in the back of the headrest you may be in for a treat. It seems that who ever installed the software missed the part where you have to pay for the premium items like movies on domestic flights! Chances are that this will be corrected as each aircraft is taken in for routine maintenance. So the next time you sit down in a newly renovated Delta plane take a moment and try and watch a movie or play a game. If it lets you, it’s free! (This has been observed on the Boeing 737 and 757 aircraft.)

Note: If you find yourself NOT on an aircraft that offers free movies, be sure to browse the FlyInStyle App. It’s always free and always fun.

Overcome Long-Line Stress in Brazil

When you finally arrive at your destination, you’re ready to relax, eat a meal, maybe stroll through Brazil’s busy streets, but alas you encounter yet another dreaded long line. Brazilian airports are notorious for having longer-than-usual wait time in international port of entry lines. While you may want to get worked up over this nuisance, doing so won’t make the line shrink or disappear. Instead, use these three tips to alleviate unwanted stress and help pass the time.

  1. Stay relaxed mentally: Calm your nerves by doing what you do best—breathing! Inhale for three seconds through your nose. Make sure your lungs are full with air. Then, slowly, exhale through your mouth. Repeat as many times as needed until your mind is relaxed.
  2.  Stay relaxed physically: On the plane it may be cool. In the airport it may be hot. Dress in layers so you can feel your best, on and off the plane.
  3. Play a game: Or two! The more I travel, the more Sudoku puzzle books I acquire. These puzzles are fun and definitely keep your mind preoccupied—not to mention sharp! You can entertain yourself in other ways, too; read that book (that you hopefully remembered to pack), listen to your relaxing playlist, or brush up on your Portugese!

Bonus Tip: If all else fails, just browse around the FlyInStyle App—we have tons of entertaining content that will surely keep you pleasantly occupied!



World Cup Travel Tips

World Cup Travel Tips

As the FIFA World Cup kicks off this week, many of you will be traveling to Brazil to take in one of the world’s greatest sporting spectacles. Make the most of your fútbol adventure with these tips from FlyInStyle.

Attending Matches Arrive early! Take traffic and long lines into account. In South Africa, many fans missed the first halves of matches because of congestion at the stadium. Allow yourself an extra hour or two to meet fans from around the world, enjoy a drink and get excited for the match. Don’t forget that it is currently Brazil’s winter. Bring a light jacket and comfortable clothes to ensure an enjoyable match, especially if you’re in the South. Between Matches Come for the soccer, stay for the “festa.” Brazilian culture is all about fun and fan-fest parties are planned all over the country. Massive outdoor screens airing the matches, live music, dancing and drinks will flood the public squares in these locations:

Belo Horizonte: Praça da Estação

Brasília: Esplanada dos Ministérios

Cuiabá: Parque de Exposições Acrimat

Curitiba: Parque Barigui

Fortaleza: Praia de Iracema (Aterrão)

Manaus: Memorial Encontro das Águas

Natal: Praia do Forte

Porto Alegre: Largo Glênio Peres

Recife: Marco Zero

Rio de Janeiro: Praia de Copacabana

Salvador: Jardim de Alah

São Paulo: Vale do Anhangabaú

Dining Check out some of our favorite Brazilian restaurants: For a classic Brazilian steakhouse experience, Marius Degustare in Rio de Janeiro is must-see, or should we say, must-taste. If you like seafood, try Camarões Potiguar in Natal. A “homage to shrimp,” the restaurant offers creative and stylish meals centered all around shellfish. Try the South American take on sushi and cocktails in Manaus at the Soho Lounge. The Asian-Brazilian fusion restaurant is affordable, unique and delicious. A Porto Alegre staple, Bierstube has been serving family-style fare for over 25 years. Enjoy a delicious steak in a festive atmosphere. Satisfy your sweet tooth at Los Paleteros in Curitiba. The delicious ice cream shop boasts a vibrant family atmosphere.

Finally have a great time! And when you are heading back home, don’t forget to check the FlyInStyle App for more tips at the airport.

Passengers to FlyInStyle with their Favorite Brands and Shops!

FlyInStyle went live in the App Store in March 2014! You can now download it and give it a try on your next airport trip. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flyinstyle-shop.-dine.-save./id827100646?mt=8 . We will have the Android version following shortly. The FlyInStyle App helps travelers connect with their favorite brands and retailers for instant deals, product launches, happy hours & more. I am so happy to share this news; we hope it will be the first of many announcements to come on improving the passenger experience at the airport. Please enjoy an excerpt from a recent press release below:)

No more lame-over layovers! Make your wait-time fly by!

FlyInStyle opens a mobile communication platform for airport brands & retailers never before seen in the industry, allowing them to reach their consumer in innovative ways while increasing consumer understanding in the airport. It is the first airport app of its kind, specializing in improving the airport experience by showcasing offers & events in retail and restaurants. Eventually we will have a better understanding of how mobile can influence buying decisions. In the airport, as passenger traffic increases and people turn more and more to their mobile devices for entertainment, the opportunity to engage passengers will continue growing. FlyInStyle allows its beta merchant partners to publish content in any airport globally in minutes and determine the duration of each offer and event, so efforts can be highly targeted. The focus in the first half of 2014 is in the Americas as the company ramps up with exciting offers, deals and events while building its user base. They also have sights set on engaging high potential demographic targets like Brazilians and have accelerated expansion of multiple language support. The company is pushing merchants to publish global offers to give the passenger the best possible experience in the app for their entire trip. FlyInStyle is working alongside its brand and retail merchant partners on driving awareness, downloads, and usage during the trip through activities at the airport and online. FlyInStyle is in beta testing with select brand and retail partners but will gradually add more merchants throughout the beta period. Stay in touch at http://flyinstyleapp.com/!!


The Fly In Style iPhone app is now available from iTunes AppStore !!


Learn more at www.flyinstyleapp.com



Top 10 Business Travel Apps for Mac

Top 10 Business Travel Apps for Mac

These cool apps  are very helpful. Also, be on the look-out for the new Flyinstyle app that will make a great app addition! You will be able to find your favorite brands, get duty-free deals sent to your phone, buy ahead, and even check-out whats happening at the current airport your in or anticipate and find out whats going on at the next airport.

Arrivals and Departures ($4.99 in Mac App Store)

Step 1 in any travel plan is when you arrive at the airport. Next, you have to deal with checking-in, and then you wait and keep track of the screen. However, you can get distracted, and it can be tiresome to look back and forth. Wouldn’t it be much easier to have it on something portable and easily accessible like your laptop.

Arrivals and Departure app- This app is all-around great! You can get info on the flight, an interactive map, search it and check the status. To add to that you can get your information 2 days ahead of time.

Keynote ($19.99 in Mac App Store)

Keynote is perfect for presentations and helps you prepare. Too further that point, it has a set of themes, transitions, and animations etc. To top that off, it can be accessed by remote with the use of an iphone or ipod! The keynote remote is now free from the iTunes App Store. For the remote, you will need to use it with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Passport Photo Studio ($8.95; Demo Version is Available)

You can easily take a photo that can be used for documents. It can save you time and money, instead of going to a professional photographer. You also can easily adjust and change the picture to meet the requirements for say a passport picture. Beyond that think of all the other ways you can use it like for a professional resume picture, a badge, or a case. You are also able to print the picture.

B1 Free Archiver (Free)

Most people make copies and scan their professional documents like birth certificate, passport. Carrying around these copies isn’t the most safe way because those copies can be lose or stolen no matter where you carry them. There is an even better way to protect them. You can get a password-protected archive. This is possible because of B1 Free Archiver- a compression and decompression tool, which encrypts files with 256 bit AES encryption algorithm. Once you set up the password, you don’t have to fear access because it’s no longer an open file.

Wunderlist (Free; Available on Mac App Store)

This app is basically your own personal to-do list that can help you organize and prioritize what you have to do. When your traveling, it can remind you of things you have to do to prepare for a meeting, or souvenirs you need to get, even places that you want to check out and see and information on them. You can separate your business/work life from your private life.

Clear Day(0.99)

When you travel, weather is an important factor, if your not prepared for a big rain storm you can ruin your outfit for an important business meeting or preparation.

With Clear Day app, you can get helpful weather conditions for whatever city you select. If you’re traveling for pleasure, this will help you get the whole family ready and dressed for the right temperature.

iStumbler (free)

When you struggle to find Wi-Fi, on your business trip, it’s a must have. You might need to share files, get on the Internet, or email. Of course, you need to find the strongest Wi-Fi signal. iStumbler is perfect for that.


The best part is it is free and it’s detailed. You can pick the best one by looking into the channel, frequency, geographic location, etc. You can really zone in on what is the best Wi-Fi choice.

Universal Translator (Free; Available in Mac App Store)

Imagine you are on a trip and you’re in need of a quick translation. It would be old school to pop out a dictionary and look it up. With the universal translator, you can!  So, you can properly express yourself in any business situation.

If you do a lot of foreign business, a desktop dictionary is a must. This app can translate more than 50 languages. In addition, you can translate a whole sentence instead of a bit, or piece of a phrase. If you need help to pronoun the word you can click the “loudspeaker” icon.

Yammer (free Version is Available)

Yammer is perfect when you need to keep in touch with co-workers if on a business trip. It’s a social network that filters out people you work with compared to a bunch of people like family, friends, etc. To register, you use a corporate mail, fill the emails of colleagues, pick company department photos, and add your photo. The basic version is free, but other versions out there.

Skype (Free Version is Available)

Is a plus for business travel if you have to hold a conference call with a group of people. In comparison to iChat, that is limited because not everyone might have it and you need a MacOS for it. Skype is a cross-platform that can be downloaded and accessed by many devices. The audio conference can be used amongst 25 people! While the videoconference, can be used for up to 4 people. If you pay for it, you can add 10 people to that video conference call.

Travel Tips to Keep Your Cool During the Holiday Rush

Travel Tips to Keep Your Cool During the Holiday Rush

Where are you jetting off to this holiday season? Are you going to Grandma’s house for hot cocoa with the family with the chilly winds in tow or are you splurging this year on a European holiday getaway?

Well, whether it’s Christmas in Paris or the relatives in from Salt Lake City, everyone knows that as much happiness, cheer and delicious food come with this upcoming season there is an equal amount stress that unfortunately comes from travel. This is due to expensive ticket prices and extremely busy airports. But try and stay calm because Flyinstyle has some tips to helps your holiday travels fly by with ease!

1BOOK AHEAD: Now is the time! You have to realize that everyone is traveling during the holidays, not just you, so you have to book ahead! Plan where you are going to spend your holiday vacation so you can get the best deal! That way, it leaves you enough money to get great gifts for all your loved ones! If you wait too long, ticket prices will skyrocket!

2. AVOID POPULAR TRAVEL DATES: As you are booking your ticket early, be aware of which days are the best to travel and which are the worst, as in most expensive! Check out the Bing Ticket Price Predictor to see when to buy! It is best to fly either early or late in the day, you know, when normal humans will be sleeping? This way there will be less people, less lines and if your flight is cancelled you can catch on latter in the day and your holiday isn’t completely ruined!

For example: With Thanksgiving coming up there are a few good golden rules to follow. Always avoid the Wednesday before and the Sunday after, as they draw the biggest crowds and the biggest prices; however, traveling on Thanksgiving Day generally almost always guarantees affordable fares and quiet crowds! On the way back, aim for Friday mornings and avoid coming back Sunday evenings.

3. SHIP SANTA’S LOOT: We know you want to be as prepared as possible when you get to your final destination, but with the beefed up security during the holiday season, TSA may be over the top and unwrap your gifts, not only ruining your beautiful work but keeping you and everyone else from getting to their gate! So, instead of bringing an extra suitcase full of gifts that could cost you a pretty penny in luggage fees, take the cheaper route and ship the gifts. That way you can wrap them ahead of time and not worry about TSA! Another good idea for the holiday gift giver are gift cards!

4.EXPAND YOUR SEARCH: Do your research! Compare your flights on sites like TravelocityExpedia or Priceline! Also, it can be cheaper to fly into smaller airports, so be sure to look at all the airports where you are flying into. Smaller airports have smaller crowds and cheaper parking, too! For example, it is usually significantly cheaper flying out of White Plains Airport than say JFK, LaGuardia or Newark. Find out more information on choosing airports here.

5. CHECK YOUR LAYOVERS: Make sure you have enough time between your layovers if you do not have direct flights! Think about flight delays and weather complications! If it is possible, try to schedule a layover in a city that is less likely to experience a winter related weather delay, such as one in a warmer climate.

6. PACK SMART: Be sure to check out the TSA traveler information before you go, just in case. And make sure you don’t stuff your bag till it’s bursting due to those pesky overweight bag fees. Also, don’t forget that you will be bringing gifts back with you so you have to leave room in your luggage. To be safe, weigh your bag before you go.

7AVOID THE TRAFFIC: Don’t go nuts with traffic jams or even crazier with expensive holiday spiked airport parking. Have a friend or family member drive you to the airport and make sure they gas up the night before! Don’t be kicking yourself waiting for a shuttle that will never come, miss your flight, and return from your wonderful trip with a triple digit parking fee!

8. ARRIVE EARLY: Anticipate the lines. The airport will be a zoo! If you miss your flight, all your planning will be for nothing! So save yourself some time and check-in online and print your boarding pass!

9. BRING DIVERSIONS AND SNACKS: Escape your stressful surroundings with your earplugs, neck pillow and eye mask! Whether it’s a good John Grisham novel, gossip magazine, iPod or even your computer to catch up on work you need to have good diversions to distract yourself from the chaos. Also, bring some healthy snacks! You don’t need a crash from that candy bar that held you over in Boston when you still have to get to Los Angeles!

10. BE A TECHIE: You can constantly check you flight status with the miracle of the smart phone! Make sure to keep your cell fully charged and check out all the hotel and airport apps, most importantly Flyinstyleapp 😉

11. BE INTERNATIONAL: Last but not least, there are certain opportunities to pounce on when it comes to the holidays such as jetting overseas. American Holidays, such as Thanksgiving, are a perfect opportunity to explore other cultures at low prices. If you are somehow able to get away from familial obligations, or even use the trip as a time to give thanks in itself, then I highly recommend it! Hotels in some countries in Europe can often be down 50%!

12. BREATHE!: It’s the holidays! Above all enjoy yourself! Follow these tips and you will fly high!


It’s ALL work and a bit of play in Cannes

It’s ALL work and a bit of play in Cannes

We have some exciting news! Flyinstyle just  attended the TFWA Exhibition 2013!

OK so backtrack.. what exactly is the TFWA Exhibition?

TFWA is the world’s largest duty free event organized by the  Tax-Free World Association. This event is held event every year in the beautiful Cannes, France and showcases products from brands and companies from all across the globe! With over 3000 products on display, this is the perfect opportunity to meet with our partners and network with new ones to bring the brands you love to your favorite up-and-coming airport app! Everything from fashion & cosmetics, wine & spirits, jewelry & watches, confectionary & fine foods and more are presented from the finest companies all over the globe. Flyinstyle works hard to ensure you have the BEST available to you through our app.

And who is to say you can’t enjoy everything the French Riviera has to offer as well 😉 The luxurious hotels, sandy white beaches that are irresistible even in the semi-chilly late October climate, and let’s not forget the glamourous designer shops that pepper this seaside getaway. All in a day’s work!

We are just another step closer to bringing you deals from the brands you love and we love doing it!
Be sure to check in for the latest updates and fly in style!

Happy Travels:)
-Flyinstyle team

Up Up and Away: Flyinstyle Launches it’s Website!

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new (and spectacular) website:FlyInStyleApp.com. The site and our mobile app will be the online shopping destination for airport passengers who wish to shop for merchandise and events at insider prices. Our aim is to provide passengers who are looking for a diversion from the time they set foot at the airport until they board their planes with a user-friendly and interactive website.

This site will be the launching point for many new and exciting features that we will be rolling out in the near future. Check out the screen caps below.

We hope you enjoy exploring our new website and would love to hear what you think by posting a comment below or contacting us on Facebook or Twitter.



Safe Travels!

FlyInStyle to Land at an Airport Near You!

FlyInStyle to Land at an Airport Near You!

Hello fellow jetsetters flying in style out there in cyberland!

All news about everything FlyInStyle is now available with the launch of our consumer blog.

Just to refresh your memory, here is what we’re all about:

FlyInStyle is your airport entertainment director + a personal travel assistant in one landing! FlyInStyle is a travel app for iOS and Android to help you find things to do at the airport like instant deals, new product launches, happy hours & more.


Travelers are spending lots of time in airports these days….yet while airports are trying to bring innovation to passenger downtime, the travel experience still feels like a chore. Whether you’re a business traveler, a tourist, a parent, or just a plain bored frustrated traveler, FlyInStyle will allow you to customize your preferences to uncover exciting offers at the airport to not only pass the time, but look forward to it! FlyInStyle is the ONLY airport specific global shopping & deal app.  Your trip should be fun AT CHECK-IN!

Our team has been burning the midnight oil, consuming copious amounts of caffeine…to ensure that this app opens new horizons in your airport travel experience! After months of consumer feedback, customer meetings and plenty of development, we are almost ready to share what we have in store! Your time in the airport will be adventurous, productive and enjoyable-we’re committed to that! Finally you will have the opportunity to travel with ease without marring your inner wanderlust.

Don’t forget to follow the buzz on all of our social media platforms and spread the word!


Happy Travels:)

-The FlyInStyle App Team




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