Featured Airport of the Week: LAX

Featured Airport of the Week: LAX

This is one of many posts to come highlighting top travel routes and airports out of Nashville International Airport (BNA).

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the fourth busiest airport in the world and is ever-changing and growing. With new developments including upgrading the Tom Bradley International Terminal, the airport is quickly modernizing and improving. It is a bustling airport with plenty to do and see while waiting for your next flight.


Effects of Thanksgiving Weather On Flights

When afternoon came around, a massive storm spread to the Northeast at LaGuardia airport, unfortunately causing an unpleasant 30-minute delay. Even worst, 2 hours in Philadelphia International Airport! For example, Latasha Abney breezed through the check in line next step the TSA agent checked her stuff and now she must wait.

Some people like Brian M. Good prepared to expect the worst. However, in San Diego it was pleasantly warm, and his flight was on time. American Airlines’ Kent Powell reported 3 cancellations not related to weather.

Compared to US Airways, they had 6 cancellations because of the weather and 67% of flights were on time. At US Airways Express, it was worst with 56 cancellations. United Airlines had 15 flights cancelled. In the true sense of customer service, they added extra main flights.

Southwest Airlines, Dan Landson reported small delays in the Northeast. Delta Connection had been canceled in LaGuardia. The worst was evident in Cape Air a smaller regional airline that travels to the Northeast 79 flights cancelled!

This year there were only 3.14 million air travelers, which in contrast to last year by being 3.7 % lower.

A snowstorm in the Midwest caused 6,000 flights to not be on schedule. Furthermore, 271 flights were cancelled on Tuesday. Wednesday was a little better with 95 flights cancelled. To top that off, low clouds and heavy rain caused 3 flights to be delayed for a total of 678 at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport the busiest one. This caused passengers to wait an hour. More than 80% of airplanes fly to the Northeast area.

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