Top 5 Airports in the USA to Layover In

Top 5 Airports in the USA to Layover In

Top 5 Airports to Layover In the USA

Stuck at the airport between flights for a few hours? Bored? Tired? Don’t worry because these airports are there for you whether you have a short or extremely long layover. Be sure to plan your next trip through these airports to enjoy their amenities!


1. San Francisco International Airport- SFO

San Francisco International Airport at dusk

This Golden Gate-City airport has plenty to offer when you have a long layover and need to kill time at the airport. If you want to learn more about this lovely city, the Aviation Museum and SFO Museum are interactive and great ways to learn more about the culture of California. Don’t worry about spending too much money on Internet because this airport also has free Wi-Fi and a free Yoga room to stretch out your legs after a long day of traveling.


Insider Tip: Those who have longer layovers can take the BART into the heart of San Francisco in just 11 minutes.


2. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport- DFW


The heart of Texas is a great destination for any layover. Many of the lounges are ranked among the best in the world and all passengers can enjoy the free Wi-Fi. If you are more active, make sure to try walking on the airport trail or check out one of the yoga rooms. The food in Dallas is worth trying, especially at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen so don’t forget to fill your stomach before boarding your next flight.


Insider Tip: If you need to catch up on your sleep, check out a Minute Suite to get your very own room within the airport.


3. Chicago O’Hare International Airport- ORD


Despite being one of the busiest airports in the world, Chicago O’Hare has plenty of amenities for passengers of all ages. The Chicago Public Art Program decorates each terminal with artwork from local artists. Be sure to see the famous “The Sky’s The Limit” – an ever-changing neon light illuminator between Concourses B and C. Remember to try Tortas Frontera created by celebrity chef Rick Bayless or enjoy an authentic Chicago style deep-dish pizza at a variety of restaurants.


Insider Tip: If you have a few hours, head across to the Hilton O’Hare Hotel and go to the newly renovated gym or for a refreshing swim.


4. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport- MSP


Minnesota’s largest city airport will not disappoint whether you have a long or short layover. There are various attractions within the airport, which are necessary due to the frequent delays that Minneapolis Airport has. Don’t miss the 1.5 mile walking path around the perimeter of the airport and be sure to check out one of the three XPresSpa locations if you need a soothing massage before your next flight.


Insider Tip: The world famous Mall of America is just a 12-minute ride on the LRT. Be sure to take your kids for the thrill of the theme park within the mall.


5. John F. Kennedy International Airport- JFK


Located only a few minutes outside the heart of New York City, John F. Kennedy International Airport has plenty to do both inside and out. The expansive cuisine ranges from Italian food at Aeronuova to crab empanadas at Piquillo; both of which can satisfy your taste buds before your upcoming flight. Additionally, be sure to visit the dozens of shopping malls within the airport to find gifts for your loved ones and yourself.


Insider Tip: If you have a long layover, take the AirTrain to Manhattan to experience the vibrancy of New York City.

Sweat Away Stress on Your Layover at PHL!

AIRPORTFLOATER-master675(Image credit:

Let’s face it: Layovers happen. And usually when we least want them (6-hour layover on the eve of Christmas, anyone? *still a little salty about that one…*). But while we can’t control the weather or the layover-deities, we can control our frustration—with the magic of exercise! Enter, Smooth Fitness’s sitNcycles!

SitNcycles were created to get American’s healthy and beat the ‘Sitting Epidemic’ at the airport, according to Smooth Fitness’s Facebook page. The machines are free, open to any willing body, and easy to use. “You don’t have to sweat, but you’ll still get the benefit of some cardio activity,” says CEO Rich Hebert of the sitNcycle. Plus, we think these simple, yet nifty machines are an excellent way to combat any stress you’re feeling 1

Currently, the sitNcycles are only featured at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), but if the machines are welcomed by travelers, which they are so far, Hebert hopes to take them nationwide. Let’s hope so—a few sitNcycles are always appreciated during a 6-hour layover.

(Tip: Not flying at PHL, but still want to get a workout in? No worries, check out, a guide to finding one of over 180+ airport gyms. Or strap on that pedometer and do some laps around the concourse!)

Travel Tips to Keep Your Cool During the Holiday Rush

Travel Tips to Keep Your Cool During the Holiday Rush

Where are you jetting off to this holiday season? Are you going to Grandma’s house for hot cocoa with the family with the chilly winds in tow or are you splurging this year on a European holiday getaway?

Well, whether it’s Christmas in Paris or the relatives in from Salt Lake City, everyone knows that as much happiness, cheer and delicious food come with this upcoming season there is an equal amount stress that unfortunately comes from travel. This is due to expensive ticket prices and extremely busy airports. But try and stay calm because Flyinstyle has some tips to helps your holiday travels fly by with ease!

1BOOK AHEAD: Now is the time! You have to realize that everyone is traveling during the holidays, not just you, so you have to book ahead! Plan where you are going to spend your holiday vacation so you can get the best deal! That way, it leaves you enough money to get great gifts for all your loved ones! If you wait too long, ticket prices will skyrocket!

2. AVOID POPULAR TRAVEL DATES: As you are booking your ticket early, be aware of which days are the best to travel and which are the worst, as in most expensive! Check out the Bing Ticket Price Predictor to see when to buy! It is best to fly either early or late in the day, you know, when normal humans will be sleeping? This way there will be less people, less lines and if your flight is cancelled you can catch on latter in the day and your holiday isn’t completely ruined!

For example: With Thanksgiving coming up there are a few good golden rules to follow. Always avoid the Wednesday before and the Sunday after, as they draw the biggest crowds and the biggest prices; however, traveling on Thanksgiving Day generally almost always guarantees affordable fares and quiet crowds! On the way back, aim for Friday mornings and avoid coming back Sunday evenings.

3. SHIP SANTA’S LOOT: We know you want to be as prepared as possible when you get to your final destination, but with the beefed up security during the holiday season, TSA may be over the top and unwrap your gifts, not only ruining your beautiful work but keeping you and everyone else from getting to their gate! So, instead of bringing an extra suitcase full of gifts that could cost you a pretty penny in luggage fees, take the cheaper route and ship the gifts. That way you can wrap them ahead of time and not worry about TSA! Another good idea for the holiday gift giver are gift cards!

4.EXPAND YOUR SEARCH: Do your research! Compare your flights on sites like TravelocityExpedia or Priceline! Also, it can be cheaper to fly into smaller airports, so be sure to look at all the airports where you are flying into. Smaller airports have smaller crowds and cheaper parking, too! For example, it is usually significantly cheaper flying out of White Plains Airport than say JFK, LaGuardia or Newark. Find out more information on choosing airports here.

5. CHECK YOUR LAYOVERS: Make sure you have enough time between your layovers if you do not have direct flights! Think about flight delays and weather complications! If it is possible, try to schedule a layover in a city that is less likely to experience a winter related weather delay, such as one in a warmer climate.

6. PACK SMART: Be sure to check out the TSA traveler information before you go, just in case. And make sure you don’t stuff your bag till it’s bursting due to those pesky overweight bag fees. Also, don’t forget that you will be bringing gifts back with you so you have to leave room in your luggage. To be safe, weigh your bag before you go.

7AVOID THE TRAFFIC: Don’t go nuts with traffic jams or even crazier with expensive holiday spiked airport parking. Have a friend or family member drive you to the airport and make sure they gas up the night before! Don’t be kicking yourself waiting for a shuttle that will never come, miss your flight, and return from your wonderful trip with a triple digit parking fee!

8. ARRIVE EARLY: Anticipate the lines. The airport will be a zoo! If you miss your flight, all your planning will be for nothing! So save yourself some time and check-in online and print your boarding pass!

9. BRING DIVERSIONS AND SNACKS: Escape your stressful surroundings with your earplugs, neck pillow and eye mask! Whether it’s a good John Grisham novel, gossip magazine, iPod or even your computer to catch up on work you need to have good diversions to distract yourself from the chaos. Also, bring some healthy snacks! You don’t need a crash from that candy bar that held you over in Boston when you still have to get to Los Angeles!

10. BE A TECHIE: You can constantly check you flight status with the miracle of the smart phone! Make sure to keep your cell fully charged and check out all the hotel and airport apps, most importantly Flyinstyleapp 😉

11. BE INTERNATIONAL: Last but not least, there are certain opportunities to pounce on when it comes to the holidays such as jetting overseas. American Holidays, such as Thanksgiving, are a perfect opportunity to explore other cultures at low prices. If you are somehow able to get away from familial obligations, or even use the trip as a time to give thanks in itself, then I highly recommend it! Hotels in some countries in Europe can often be down 50%!

12. BREATHE!: It’s the holidays! Above all enjoy yourself! Follow these tips and you will fly high!


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