Nashville Haunted Houses

One visit to Instagram will surely remind you: ‘Tis the season of pumpkin patches, flannel, and fall foliage. But it is also the season of cobwebs, gory creatures, and ominous sounds. If you’d rather spend your Saturday getting spooked than at the orchard, we have you covered. There are plenty of haunted sites and attractions in the Nashville area that will test your limits. Trust us, every location we mention below does its job. Gone are the days of spending $20 for your school’s 45-second haunted house, featuring the drama club’s fall production understudies.

Insider Tip: If you value your feet and overall safety, wear comfortable closed-toed shoes. And please do not bring the child you are babysitting to any of these sites. Missing out on social plans sucks, but so does explaining to your neighbors why their son is suddenly afraid of the dark.