New Year, New Carry-on; Items You Need to Stay Healthy at 30,000 Feet

New Year, New Carry-on; Items You Need to Stay Healthy at 30,000 Feet

It’s a New Year, Dry January is going strong and our resolutions are becoming our natural way of life. Two weeks into the new year and we have never felt better!


Ok so maybe Dry January is not so easy and the daily kale smoothies remain full while you desperately try to avoid a repeat of last year’s late night pizza meltdown. However, the face-de-bloat and extra energy should be inspiration enough to at least maintain healthy habits the whole air travel process. Your body is more vulnerable 30,000 feet in the air where it needs extra care and protection.

Below are some carry-on items that will keep you a healthy, functioning human.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

New Year

Water bottle: Your mother, brother, roommate, and neighbor have all insisted you drink more water. They’re right – especially when you’re going to be on a plane or in a dry, stuffy airport. Now insist that one of them buys you a reusable water bottle to fill up at the airport.

Tea: Hopefully you left your 3.5 oz. liquor bottles at home and chose an alternative mid-flight comfort drink. Throw some of your favorite teas in your carry-on and ask a flight attendant for hot water when he or she is taking drink orders. A warm, relaxing, less-bloating drink than vodka cranberries across the aisle.

Face hydrating spray/mist: This is obviously less important than water and not necessary for all. However, a hydrating spray can be amply beneficial for some peoples’ when applied before and after a flight. Some options include Caudalie Grape Water, Evian spray, and Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water.

Save the greasy burger and pizza for the Superbowl

Frozen grapes: These will keep your other food cold and also make a delicious snack.

Hummus: Individual hummus packs under 3.5 oz. can be paired with many of your favorite snacks and vegetables and don’t create a huge cleanup.

Leftovers: Don’t worry about wasting the leftover food in your fridge before your trip. Make individual meals in Tupperware containers to resist the temptation to splurge in the airport.

Germs are not a souvenir

New Year


Disinfecting wipes: Flight attendants and cleaning crews do the best they can under time constraints but it never hurts to disinfect yourself!

Sanitizer: We feel this one is self-explanatory.

Mid-flight comfort

Noise-canceling headphones: Sleeping on planes is difficult for most. The frequent announcements and young families are just a few of the distractions that keep you awake (and the uncomfortable seats!). Noise canceling headphones might make the process a little easier.

Foldable blanket: Airplanes are cold and airlines don’t give out blankets as much as they used to. Don’t worry about space though; there are plenty of blankets that fold and fit neatly into your carry-on.

Portable charger: Perfect for the longer flights. No one wants their e-reader to shut off mid-flight or to be landing with a dead phone.

Have any of these items worked for you? Let us know @FlyInStyleApp! We love to hear from you!


Five Healthy Dining Spots at Nashville International Airport to Keep You on Track

Five Healthy Dining Spots at Nashville International Airport to Keep You on Track

Terminal A/B food court where many healthy options are located at Nashville International Airport.

Terminal A/B food court where many healthy options are located at Nashville International Airport.

It’s been a few weeks since the new year and the temptation to succumb to unhealthy food cravings is hard to resist on a diet, especially while traveling. Grabbing a burger and fries is appealing, especially since just about every other restaurant you pass by in the concourse sells them….and the salads fade into the background. Airport travel, however, does not have to be the reason for ruining your diet. There are a variety of healthy options that will leave you feeling more energized and satisfied as you board your next flight in the Music City. Here are five healthy food options in the Nashville International Airport (BNA) to keep that New Year’s resolution intact.


Berry Field Bistro (Concourse C, Gate 2)

Love eating local? Berry Field Bistro creates all of their meals with locally sourced ingredients, which means you can feel confident you are not only getting a fresh meal, but one that supports local businesses. The menu offers plenty of choices, ranging from waffles to sandwiches to an array of healthy dishes. For a salad with a little pizzazz, sit down and enjoy the Kale Caesar or the Beets & Greens. If you are on a tight schedule to depart Nashville, grab a pressed juice and a bran muffin on the fly to enjoy in flight. You’ll feel energized AND satisfied knowing you supported local business after this meal.

Gibson Cafe (Concourse C, Gate 20)

Gibson Cafe at Nashville International Airport is the place to get your protein in before an early flight. Their egg white omelet is sure to keep you going to until the next airport.

Gibson Cafe at Nashville International Airport is the place to get your protein in before an early flight. Their egg white omelet is sure to keep you going to until the next airport.

If you are traveling before 10 a.m. and feeling a little groggy., Gibson Café is waiting for you with coffee AND healthy breakfast options to wake you right up! The café serves an egg white omelet loaded with vegetables that is a perfect way to start your travel day. The yogurt and granola is an alternative if you need something easy to grab-and-go for the flight. They also offer salads and soups for those dining during lunch or dinner.


Freshens Smoothies & Yogurt (A/B Food Court)

A great option for an early morning flight or an effective pick-me-up, Freshens Smoothies & Yogurt offers about 15 different smoothies and açai bowls. Certain smoothies such as Mango Me Crazy and Caribbean Craze can be made “Light” for a third less of the calories. If you feel like you’re lacking your daily servings of greens but don’t want to purchase a whole meal, their High-Performance smoothies offer over one serving of greens in each smoothie. Add boosters for even more energy to get you through your travel experience.

Noshville Delicatessen (A/B Food Court)

Late flight ahead of you? You need a dinner that is filling enough to keep you away from indulging on dessert but is not going to ruin your day’s momentum of eating healthy. Noshville Delicatessen offers plenty of salads with a choice of protein. Add tuna, chicken, or egg salad to any salad for a boost that will keep your metabolism up through your travels. Filling up on a hearty salad is an effective way to resist grabbing guilty treats like potato chips or candy for your flight. If you really cannot say ‘no’ to eating something sweet after dinner (we can’t!) grab a piece of fruit for the flight or dark chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Provence Breads and Café (Concourse C, Gate 20)

Provence Breads and Cafe have all the to-go items you could need to eat on your flight. One of the many healthy options at Nashville International Airport.

Provence Breads and Cafe have all the to-go items you could need to eat on your flight. One of the many healthy options at Nashville International Airport.

So you hit traffic on the way to  Nashville International Airport and only made it through that never-ending security line with 20 minutes to spare? Provence Breads and Café is the place to hit up before running to your gate. They offer an array of prepared foods in their display such as salads and sandwiches. Grab a coffee and a piece of fruit for an early morning flight and you might just have a minute to charge your phone before you board!


Insider Tip: Planning for healthy eating can be tricky on the fly. Keep an eye out for the release of FlyInStyle To Go at Nashville International Airport, which will allow you to order food in advance and have it ready for pickup at your designated time, allowing you more time to browse menus, relax and enjoy your meal.

Travel Tip for Delta Passengers


So you’ve survived checking in for your flight, the overly friendly pat down from TSA, and you made it to your gate on time. Congratulations! Your reward….watching your plane pull up to the gate, deplane, and then hear a gate agent key up a very loud speaker and announce: “Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has just informed me that we need maintenance to come out and look at something, I will get back to you when I have more information.”

First off don’t freak out. The plane is safe. More than half the time it’s a computer system needing to be reset, or a broken seat belt. You will probably be on time and still make that connection. Now let’s say it’s a bigger fix. After all, these planes spend more time in the air than on the ground. Replacing a tire can take at least an hour. We’ll get into missed connections and how screwed up your day just got later, but let’s find that silver lining. Delta Airlines has a rule they don’t advertise.

If your flight leaves the gate an hour or more late because of a mechanical delay the bar is open…. in moderation. Bad weather in New York won’t get you anyextra peanuts, but that tire change means you can have any cocktail in coach for free. All you have to do is wait till the inflight beverage service starts and order away.

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World Cup Travel Tips

World Cup Travel Tips

As the FIFA World Cup kicks off this week, many of you will be traveling to Brazil to take in one of the world’s greatest sporting spectacles. Make the most of your fútbol adventure with these tips from FlyInStyle.

Attending Matches Arrive early! Take traffic and long lines into account. In South Africa, many fans missed the first halves of matches because of congestion at the stadium. Allow yourself an extra hour or two to meet fans from around the world, enjoy a drink and get excited for the match. Don’t forget that it is currently Brazil’s winter. Bring a light jacket and comfortable clothes to ensure an enjoyable match, especially if you’re in the South. Between Matches Come for the soccer, stay for the “festa.” Brazilian culture is all about fun and fan-fest parties are planned all over the country. Massive outdoor screens airing the matches, live music, dancing and drinks will flood the public squares in these locations:

Belo Horizonte: Praça da Estação

Brasília: Esplanada dos Ministérios

Cuiabá: Parque de Exposições Acrimat

Curitiba: Parque Barigui

Fortaleza: Praia de Iracema (Aterrão)

Manaus: Memorial Encontro das Águas

Natal: Praia do Forte

Porto Alegre: Largo Glênio Peres

Recife: Marco Zero

Rio de Janeiro: Praia de Copacabana

Salvador: Jardim de Alah

São Paulo: Vale do Anhangabaú

Dining Check out some of our favorite Brazilian restaurants: For a classic Brazilian steakhouse experience, Marius Degustare in Rio de Janeiro is must-see, or should we say, must-taste. If you like seafood, try Camarões Potiguar in Natal. A “homage to shrimp,” the restaurant offers creative and stylish meals centered all around shellfish. Try the South American take on sushi and cocktails in Manaus at the Soho Lounge. The Asian-Brazilian fusion restaurant is affordable, unique and delicious. A Porto Alegre staple, Bierstube has been serving family-style fare for over 25 years. Enjoy a delicious steak in a festive atmosphere. Satisfy your sweet tooth at Los Paleteros in Curitiba. The delicious ice cream shop boasts a vibrant family atmosphere.

Finally have a great time! And when you are heading back home, don’t forget to check the FlyInStyle App for more tips at the airport.

7 “Local” Dining Spots You Can’t Miss!

7 “Local” Dining Spots You Can’t Miss!

  1. Piquillo(JFK International: Terminal 5)– A modern looking wine cellar that makes a great hiding spot for waiting out a delayed flight. This restaurant has delicious Tapas and Spanish Sandwiches made by chef Alex Rajj. These dishes include creamy croquetas, a flight-friendly bocadillo of Serrano ham on a tomato rubbed baguette. and crispy fried calamari sandwich with spicy mayonnaise. Ole!
  2. Pappadeux Seafood Kitchen (George Bush International: Terminal E)- Are you a seafood lover? Well get an ocean of delights from this wonderful place. This chain has your seafood favorites from crispy fried alligator to Costa Rican tilapia. You’re sure to get the taste of sea at Pappadeaux.
  3. Custom Burgers by Pat LaFrieda (LaGuardia Airport: Terminal D)- Customize your burger to your own tasty imagination. Try the southern-style that comes with fried pickles (a tangy, juicy, crunchy combination that explodes your taste buds!) and barbeque sauce. Add a couple of crinkle-cut fries and a velvety chocolate shake to make your meal complete. We’re sure that you can’t go wrong with a tasty burger!
  4. Vino Volo (Washington Dulles International: Concourse B and C4)- Relax at this wine tasting bar while waiting for your next flight. Order a small plate of cheese, olives, cured meats, and chilled paella or duck-confit-and-lentil salad. If you don’t have time to sit and enjoy your food, don’t fret because Vino Volo offers to-go plates. And if you fall in love with your wine, ou can order a bottle and get it safely delivered to your home!
  5. Paschal’s Restaurant (Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International: Concourse A and Main Terminal)– Make sure you have an empty stomach for this place because you’ll certainly be eating some southern delicacies. They’ve got large portions of fried catfish, country fried steak (mmmm… my favorite southern dish of all times!), macaroni and cheese, and the traditional fried chicken. So loosen your belts for a yummy dining experience!
  6. La Carreta (Miami International: Terminal D)– A Cuban chain you won’t be able to pass up. The best part is that it’s open 24-hours so you can partake in this famous Miami classic any time, day or night! La Carreta’s serves a variety of Cuban foods but an all-time favorite is the Cubano. This delicious sandwich includes Swiss cheese, pickles and tender roasted pork. Get a taste of Little Havana at this wonderful locals’ spot.
  7. Corky’s BBQ (Memphis International: Terminal A and C)– Travelers can get their barbecue fix as soon as they step ff the plane. Any traveler can get Corky’s favorite meal, The Bar-B-Q Pork sandwich, that includes coleslaw right on this yummy sandwich! Not a sandwich lover? Don’t fret; Corky’s offers succulent ribs, chicken, and smoked sausage on their menu too. A little something for everyone in the family.

For more awesome dining choices, check out this article by Food and Wine Magazine.

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Passengers to FlyInStyle with their Favorite Brands and Shops!

FlyInStyle went live in the App Store in March 2014! You can now download it and give it a try on your next airport trip. . We will have the Android version following shortly. The FlyInStyle App helps travelers connect with their favorite brands and retailers for instant deals, product launches, happy hours & more. I am so happy to share this news; we hope it will be the first of many announcements to come on improving the passenger experience at the airport. Please enjoy an excerpt from a recent press release below:)

No more lame-over layovers! Make your wait-time fly by!

FlyInStyle opens a mobile communication platform for airport brands & retailers never before seen in the industry, allowing them to reach their consumer in innovative ways while increasing consumer understanding in the airport. It is the first airport app of its kind, specializing in improving the airport experience by showcasing offers & events in retail and restaurants. Eventually we will have a better understanding of how mobile can influence buying decisions. In the airport, as passenger traffic increases and people turn more and more to their mobile devices for entertainment, the opportunity to engage passengers will continue growing. FlyInStyle allows its beta merchant partners to publish content in any airport globally in minutes and determine the duration of each offer and event, so efforts can be highly targeted. The focus in the first half of 2014 is in the Americas as the company ramps up with exciting offers, deals and events while building its user base. They also have sights set on engaging high potential demographic targets like Brazilians and have accelerated expansion of multiple language support. The company is pushing merchants to publish global offers to give the passenger the best possible experience in the app for their entire trip. FlyInStyle is working alongside its brand and retail merchant partners on driving awareness, downloads, and usage during the trip through activities at the airport and online. FlyInStyle is in beta testing with select brand and retail partners but will gradually add more merchants throughout the beta period. Stay in touch at!!

Travel Tips to Keep Your Cool During the Holiday Rush

Travel Tips to Keep Your Cool During the Holiday Rush

Where are you jetting off to this holiday season? Are you going to Grandma’s house for hot cocoa with the family with the chilly winds in tow or are you splurging this year on a European holiday getaway?

Well, whether it’s Christmas in Paris or the relatives in from Salt Lake City, everyone knows that as much happiness, cheer and delicious food come with this upcoming season there is an equal amount stress that unfortunately comes from travel. This is due to expensive ticket prices and extremely busy airports. But try and stay calm because Flyinstyle has some tips to helps your holiday travels fly by with ease!

1BOOK AHEAD: Now is the time! You have to realize that everyone is traveling during the holidays, not just you, so you have to book ahead! Plan where you are going to spend your holiday vacation so you can get the best deal! That way, it leaves you enough money to get great gifts for all your loved ones! If you wait too long, ticket prices will skyrocket!

2. AVOID POPULAR TRAVEL DATES: As you are booking your ticket early, be aware of which days are the best to travel and which are the worst, as in most expensive! Check out the Bing Ticket Price Predictor to see when to buy! It is best to fly either early or late in the day, you know, when normal humans will be sleeping? This way there will be less people, less lines and if your flight is cancelled you can catch on latter in the day and your holiday isn’t completely ruined!

For example: With Thanksgiving coming up there are a few good golden rules to follow. Always avoid the Wednesday before and the Sunday after, as they draw the biggest crowds and the biggest prices; however, traveling on Thanksgiving Day generally almost always guarantees affordable fares and quiet crowds! On the way back, aim for Friday mornings and avoid coming back Sunday evenings.

3. SHIP SANTA’S LOOT: We know you want to be as prepared as possible when you get to your final destination, but with the beefed up security during the holiday season, TSA may be over the top and unwrap your gifts, not only ruining your beautiful work but keeping you and everyone else from getting to their gate! So, instead of bringing an extra suitcase full of gifts that could cost you a pretty penny in luggage fees, take the cheaper route and ship the gifts. That way you can wrap them ahead of time and not worry about TSA! Another good idea for the holiday gift giver are gift cards!

4.EXPAND YOUR SEARCH: Do your research! Compare your flights on sites like TravelocityExpedia or Priceline! Also, it can be cheaper to fly into smaller airports, so be sure to look at all the airports where you are flying into. Smaller airports have smaller crowds and cheaper parking, too! For example, it is usually significantly cheaper flying out of White Plains Airport than say JFK, LaGuardia or Newark. Find out more information on choosing airports here.

5. CHECK YOUR LAYOVERS: Make sure you have enough time between your layovers if you do not have direct flights! Think about flight delays and weather complications! If it is possible, try to schedule a layover in a city that is less likely to experience a winter related weather delay, such as one in a warmer climate.

6. PACK SMART: Be sure to check out the TSA traveler information before you go, just in case. And make sure you don’t stuff your bag till it’s bursting due to those pesky overweight bag fees. Also, don’t forget that you will be bringing gifts back with you so you have to leave room in your luggage. To be safe, weigh your bag before you go.

7AVOID THE TRAFFIC: Don’t go nuts with traffic jams or even crazier with expensive holiday spiked airport parking. Have a friend or family member drive you to the airport and make sure they gas up the night before! Don’t be kicking yourself waiting for a shuttle that will never come, miss your flight, and return from your wonderful trip with a triple digit parking fee!

8. ARRIVE EARLY: Anticipate the lines. The airport will be a zoo! If you miss your flight, all your planning will be for nothing! So save yourself some time and check-in online and print your boarding pass!

9. BRING DIVERSIONS AND SNACKS: Escape your stressful surroundings with your earplugs, neck pillow and eye mask! Whether it’s a good John Grisham novel, gossip magazine, iPod or even your computer to catch up on work you need to have good diversions to distract yourself from the chaos. Also, bring some healthy snacks! You don’t need a crash from that candy bar that held you over in Boston when you still have to get to Los Angeles!

10. BE A TECHIE: You can constantly check you flight status with the miracle of the smart phone! Make sure to keep your cell fully charged and check out all the hotel and airport apps, most importantly Flyinstyleapp 😉

11. BE INTERNATIONAL: Last but not least, there are certain opportunities to pounce on when it comes to the holidays such as jetting overseas. American Holidays, such as Thanksgiving, are a perfect opportunity to explore other cultures at low prices. If you are somehow able to get away from familial obligations, or even use the trip as a time to give thanks in itself, then I highly recommend it! Hotels in some countries in Europe can often be down 50%!

12. BREATHE!: It’s the holidays! Above all enjoy yourself! Follow these tips and you will fly high!


Catch the Buzz on Airport Retail!

Lets face it: we are addicted to mobile technology. With the world at our fingertips, from directions and calculators to music and movie times, how would we resist?! Oh..and once in awhile we use our phones to actually talk to people too 😉

This “smartphone addiction” really applies to us frequent fliers and jetsetters since we are always on the go. More and more, mobile devices are changing the way we travel. At FlyInStyle we are in beta testing mode building an app to make our airport travel time more convenient and fun! We hope you will love it as much as we do. And you just might see offers from some of your favorite brands!

With FlyInStyle you can check out events, shopping deals, instant dining coupons and the newest products…some of which are only available at the airport! Are you a duty-free shopper? If so, we will  have ideas for you to pick up your next gift to your family….or yourself.  How many times have been on a layover in a huge airport wishing you knew what dining and retail options were available to without wandering around? Unlike other apps that are specifically targeted to a certain airports or individual airport retailers, FlyInStyle brings you offers from companies and airports all over the world. Instead of clogging up your phone with multiple apps for specific airports and retailers, you can fly with us…in style.

Check out the latest article in Airport revenue news to read more about the team and fly with us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  Be sure to spread the buzz!

Let’s make the most of your airport downtime. Let’s fly in style.

Happy Travels

-Flyinstyle Team

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